No Love?

i gave up on my first stick build because the paint was all wrong and came out horrible. i tried to brush on some kind of “durable oil based enamel” it was crap…this one is looking sharp, I need ideas for an image.

let me know what you think. I have acrylic for the bottom too, Im thinking about doing some kind of subtle reverse stencil so you can only see hints of the wires.

Im thinking about a My Neighbor Totoro theme…but im not 100% sure on that. open to ideas.

It’s looking good!

the masking tape is to protect the Acrylic from the screws…they are counter sunk, but i would rather not have any accidents.

the wiring harness is too long, (i made it for the first attempt) but im out of quick disconnects, and the wire im using doesn’t crimp into them well. so im going to hold off on making a new harness untill i get the right stuff. i just wanna be able to play for now :slight_smile: I’m sure its been discussed before, and if no one answers ill look it up when i have time…but what is the best wire to use? I used 20 gauge solid wire. but it seems that stranded would crimp/solder better. not only that but the quick disconnects i got from lizard lick are kinda tough to work with, there is no way to solder them at all because you cant remove the plastic, but once you crimp them the plastic slides off. also, I’m looking for a good way to secure the sixaxis PCB and the axisdapter to the inside of the case…right now im using electrical tape, and it looks like crap. i was hoping to find something reminiscent of a motherboard stand
off that could be screwed into wood. what do you guys use, and where do you get them?

still looking for artistic/ technical suggestions.

thanks in advance.

I’m gonna pat myself on the back, because no one else will.

20 gauge solid wire works, but is too large, stiff and brittle. I suggest 24 gauge stranded.

For PCBs I use machine screws. I think that the holes on the dualshock may be a little small but you might try these out.
Go to :
Arcade >Other> Other
You will find LL-2 pcb feet from sanwa.

Good job on your case.


Nice case, the neutrek and button routing is a gooddetail. Have a simple image with green and white. here you go

good shit man!

like to see some hi res shots of the wiring on the inside