No Mans Sky, explore 16 quintillion planets! Release date, August 2016


Did a quick check and didn’t see a thread so I figured I’d make one.

Am I the only one excited for this game? Here are some of the more informative videos I’ve come across:


E3 2015

Infinite worlds trailer

IGN first 18 minutes of gameplay

IGN first how the economy works

Sean Murray on the Stephen Colbert show

Paris game show trailer with June 2016 release date

There are many many more, but start with these to get your feet wet.

coming soon!!

There is no release date as of yet but a lot of folks are anticipating an announcement soon due to the press coming up and the recent Colbert show appearance ( I know I know we heard that before with this game, but this time…)

Here is a pretty informative fan site someone made:
And of course reddit is always there:


I remember this from E3. Definitely intriguing, but it’ll sink or swim based on how different the worlds continue to be over time.

Overall, I’m cautiously interested.


that first video makes it look like you’re exploring the galaxy’s planets in search of some gameplay

the second video paints a better picture


Sounds to good to be true, probably just randomly generated worlds that get boring after a while, does look fun and neat so far though.


I think the community is the key here. If there are things like geocaching, the ability to have like your own online database and the ability to kind of script your own story for like crashed ships and old relics found on planets, I can see a lot of utility here. I’m curious as to post launch support. With a team of only 10 people I can imagine the workload being overwhelming.


The math used is essentially fractals. It’s how nature creates variation actually, though I don’t presume the game to be quite as efficient. Nothing is really “random” though. You start with distance from the star a planet is, how big etc, which determines atmosphere which then in turn determines flora/fauna and any life.

I’ve been following this game a long time now, shit’s gonna be bananas even if people don’t realize it yet.


Game looks GDLK at first glance, but when you think about it it’s like awesome all these cool vibrantly colored planets…soo what happens when you land on them? What is there to actually do game play wise besides finding new planets? Is there combat? Puzzles? A story?


There is a “story” in the sense that you are working to get to the center of the universe. Also your experience will depend on your play style. There are things called sentinels that act like space cops that go after you for killing local flora and fauna on certain planets. There is combat, both in space and with a etool that shoots.

They have been purposely vague with how the game will play because they truly want you to do what you want.

There are trading post and a whole economy that changes with the amount of material you discover. I think there will be a main narrative pushing you towards whatever is at the center of the universe but I really feel the community will make the story.


Damn that was sort of a bummer, June 2016 is quite a bit away… but here is the new trailer with a narrative which is new (I don’t recall seeing one in any of the other trailers for the past 2 years)


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I’ve learned from elite, that games like this Need a serious implementation of multi player. if they make it like journey but action orientated it’ll win big


Sean Murray spoke about how things that were discussed but weren’t a possibility at launch will now be possible. I’m guessing Sony really seen the need for a more fleshed out multiplayer experience


also probably helping out to get the game nice and ready for PSVR. I do remember the guy saying sony helped them out with create it


Yea sony pretty much did all the early funding and paid for its marketing. They’ve been keynotes at e3 for the past 2 years. I think this game would be dope in VR.

i pre ordered it today, i am stoked


You’ll have to describe it to us. The page isn’t loading.



Wouldn’t mind forming a genocide squad in this game. We destroy entire planets. Bitch.



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