No Match Footage to be posted!

No pools, no semis, no finals.

this includes youtube.

kinda late aren’t we…

Yeah…so many on the SF4 forums.

Final Destination?

guess this doesn’t include marvel matches, since only a handful of those were recorded.

You might want to post this on the front page. I asked the judge during the weekend and he said, he "didn’t know, but it would probably be fine."
You should probably make it very clear at the start for next year, since there is obviously some misconception about this.


Read the thread below this one…or the one about IGN HOSTING HD MOVIES OF THE SAID MATCHES!

I uploaded the Tomo Ohira interview and double perfect was kind enough to slam me with a copyright notice and strike against my Youtube account without even asking me to put it down. It was not a match video nor anything in the rules saying I could not upload video taken of the event itself. So what gives? We going to ammend something after the fact? :confused:

There are dozens of videos from Evo from previous years on Youtube right now. I’m really confused as to what the deal is here except the entire spiel with IGN turning this into something rather unique this year.

Does anyone realize the shitstorm of not releasing DVDs? I know Inkblot and Ponder have already written paragraphs on how the IGN insider thing is a win win situation for all but I have a funny feeling once the numbers are crunched its gonna come up short of what it could be with DVD sales.

wow that really sucks about the interview, bogus, should be able to see that one for sure.

They were GIVING AWAY 07 and 08 DVD’s on all 3 days…and they still had lots of boxes of DVD’s left over after the event.

I honestly believe they were losing money in the past using the DVD approach.

Good to know since I paid something like $50 plus shipping each year for those.

Pretty weak, IMHO.

How are you supposed to show somebody who doesn’t know how hype EVO was when all the videos are getting taken down? Tell them to buy IGN insider?

How about the front-page article on Kotaku with the video from the EVO finals, how much is that worth?

What’s next, taking down the Daigo full-parry video for copyright?

I think people would have bought IGN insider without having to go on a youtube witchhunt. The youtube videos are bootlegs of the stream, which wasn’t that terrific anyways.

Is there any way to send the various friday pool matches to you guys so that it can be shared in a sanctioned manner or included in the IGN compilation? like an IGN insider iReport kind of thing?

use the stream recording if you want to show someone the hypeness…

nm: looks like its taken down… ;[

my youtube account just got deleted :frowning:

had some ustream rips of the stream; that’s understandable to make a claim on… but i had videos of matches that i took myself, (understandable, but that’s pushing it), the kicker was that i had footage of the floor/hall or just people walking around AT EVO, and those had claims on them, too. :frowning: all my other legit, not-evo-related videos are gone, which really sucks.

im all for supporting the community, bought the IGN subscription myself
but this announcement is pretty late and rather harsh on people with whole accounts deleted on youtube :confused:

This has been our policy for 10 years now. We even put it in the on faq on the top of this forum and on

Do matches in the hotel room or BYOC fall into this category? Just askin’.