No MK10 for current gen systems

NetherRealm Studios must add significant new ideas to the next Mortal Kombat game, according to the series’ longstanding creative director Ed Boon.

Boon told CVG that his Chicago studio has not yet begun work on the successor to the highly acclaimed 2011 Mortal Kombat reboot, and suggested that work on the game is earmarked for next generation systems.

“Just philosophically, I don’t think we could take the approach of doing the same thing but adding new characters in our next Mortal Kombat game,” he said.

“We definitely want to do something new with it, we feel we have to introduce something into the mix.”

But Boon believes that there is less opportunity to innovate if a sequel is published on the same console; An indication that the next Mortal Kombat game will arrive on hardware as yet revealed by Microsoft and Sony.

“If you introduce another edition of your game on the same console, you cannot provide a radically different experience,” Boon said.

“I’m sure, if we were to do a new Mortal Kombat game on next generation systems, I think we would be able to provide dramatically different experiences.”

NetherRealm, owned by media conglomerate Warner Bros., is currently finishing up production on Injustice: Gods Among Us, which is due for release in the first half of 2013.

Boon said that the biggest enemy to the next Mortal Kombat game is NetherRealm resting on its laurels.

“I’m a big fan of fighting games, but some of them I’ve seen are just a re-skin of the same game with much prettier graphics and new characters,” he said.

“Effectively it just delivers the same experience, and over the course of time these games sell less and less and less and less. I think you need to offer something that hasn’t been done before. Like with Injustice, no one has done what we’re doing with the game’s backgrounds, and I think that’s a big part of why it will appeal to fans.”…ate-says-boon/

Not sure how I feel about this, I guess that I should be glad that they’re not rushing out a new game too early.
Injustice better be damn good!

Seems like a better approach than Capcom’s latest brain fart. I dunno what next-gen consoles will really enable besides … prettier graphics and new characters, but hopefully they’ll have something to show for it.

So finally, hold back to block instead of a stupid button?

Yeah, because mimicking everything Capcom does is how you make a fantastic fighter.

Anyway, it only makes sense since either the PS4 or the X720 will be out by 2014, which is the earliest they would debut MK X. So why not debut it for the Next Gen systems, since it would be one of the most wanted & top games right out the box.

SFxT isn’t that bad. It gets a bad wrap but people who don’t like the game are the ones who are out vocalizing why they don’t like it. Those that play it are busy playing it. I think it was a great last release for this gen console, as it is a good middle ground between SF4 and MVC3 in terms of how the mechanics feel. It’s a lot of fun to play around with the combos too, especially after playing SF4 where there are plenty of times where you wish you could continue combos …

I wonder if they are going to branch away from the ugly stiff animations.

I heard Injustice uses one of the face buttons to JUMP. :rofl:
That’s some Fanatiq “My dashes are consistent” One button dash shit.

I hope that doesn’t make it in Future MK’s or ANY fighting game for that matter…

I think my reference there was Capcom’s future development plans.

Wow, Xbone users are getting slapped this time around. First Dead Rising Exclus(ivity for a few months), Titan Fall FPS drops (and severe bugs), Grand Theft Auto 5 lacking Ai, animals etc, and now this.

If NR actually makes the PC version’s netcode work I may start to really feel bad about the anti-console memes.