No Moar 3P+K Elbow Sabaki?!?!? The Goh Thread


Shit, somebody had to make the thread.

Movelists & frame data:



Super Light Weight: Eileen = El Blaze
**Light Weight: **Aoi < Sarah = Shun = Pai = Lion = Vanessa
**Middle Weight: **Lau = Kage = Lei = Brad = Goh
**Heavy Middle Weight: **Akira = Jacky = Jean
**Heavy Weight: **Dural < Jeffry = Wolf
**Super Heavy Weight: **Taka


Starter: X
follow-up after starter
Dmg, foot stance, weight

Starter: 46P
→ P, 46P+K, P, 6P
60 DMG, both, MW

→ P, 3PP
53 DMG, both, HW and lighter

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Let’s get it in…


no need for gimmicky combos, they won’t work in the long run and don’t give enough extra dmg as incentive to go for escapable shit.

my BnB for CH 6K > 3KP > P >46P+K P 6P does a good 106
on Taka you can actually do more guaranteed dmg by doing CH 6K > 1P+K > 9P+K > P > 6K > (on hit) P+G for 111


Awesome. One thing I was always uncertain about was the combo situation with weight classes in this game. I know that hitboxes, character sizes, and foot stances effect damage output so you may have to vary your BnBs like Guilty Gear, but it generally seems that lighter chars give you more opportunity to get nastier damage and heavies give less. With Taka’s unique weight class and stun animations it seems like he can sometimes lead to more or less damage depending on the launcher or setup. Is that right?


After messing around in training trying to find a character to learn I ended up liking Goh, plus he’s a crazy SoB~

What are some good stuff to use as a beginner? The only good combo I know is P, K, Mash P.


yea that seems to be the case. I’m happy that one of Gohs main combo starters still leads to really good dmg on him.

I didn’t really want to answer this because I haven’t played vf in so long and didn’t want to potentially give out misinformation. But ok here are some of the moves I use. take with a grain of salt and experiment.

of course the basics. P / 2P / 6P. Common properties of these move apply to almost any character. Good pokes to create some advantage for yourself. Keep inmind that elbow is neutral on normal hit, but when you hit a crouching opponent you get +6 (on normal hit).You can fuzzy guard after his blocked 6P.

Then theres 3PP. I think you can hitconfirm this series. First is safe on block but the second his high so watch out. Second is half circular though. Give a good knockdown with oki if they techroll right away.

6K. His 17fr knee that gives a really good combo on CH. It;s safe on block (-8) but you have to deal with a mixup afterwards. it is linear and I believe punishable if evaded so watch out.

K pretty good midkick with nice range and pushback.when it counterhits a sideturned opponent it will lead to a meaty combo. like > 9P+K > P > 6K > (on hit) P+G

3KP. really good string that can be delayed and hitconfirmed I think. Because of that people that know about it wont just press butons after the kick. te punch is -10 on block though. Still, really good on hit. When the kick hits crouchers the punch will launch and you can juggle with P > 46P+KP6P.

66P. A safe mid half circular punch that leaves the opp sideturned on hit.

K+G your full circular roundhouse kick to punishevades. Leaves em sideturned on hit IIRC with good adv.

for lows I’m kind of unsure whats best to use. his 2/8K+G gives adv on hit and is “only” -15. When this causes the opponent to hit the wall you seem to get a free 46P into P > 46P+KP6P. for a good 80 pts dmg.


Thanks will do trial and error using those tips and see how far I get.


In addition to those I’d like to add:

46P, 14 frames of start-up, is easily buffered out of a backdash, and is a solid whiff punisher that juggles (I find 46P, 6_P, 46P+K,P,6P to be reliable against all except Taka).

46P+K string is delayable and has enders that go mid, high, and into P+G for tsukami.

43P I’m a personal fan of since it’s low, crushes highs, and has nice range. Sometimes I like to buffer it out of a backdash at the start of a match to see how the opponent reacts.

33P+K is Goh’s shoulder and offers a useful stagger giving a throw/launcher mix-up. Also goes under highs.

Honorable mentions:

46K is Goh’s sabaki kick negating high kicks, mid kicks, and mid knees.

4P+K+G Goh’s punch parry leading into tsukami grab. Negates high and mid punches & elbows.


33P, 2/8K+G, 4P+K and 9P+K deserve mention. The first is a safe launcher that I believe tech crouches, the second is a pretty good low that’s +4 on hit (Which is really good for VF), the third is a slowish TCing launcher that you can fuzzy after on block, and the fourth can go over lows/special lows even at fairly heavy disadvantage (Around -6 or so) and I believe gives you a free ground throw attempt on hit. Goh’s got lots of good or usable shit to work with in this game


33P is -10, punishable on block.

Nobody mentioned 3PP? That move is amazing.

Off of a blocked 236P+K you get a free PK. Not as rewarding as some of the guardbreaks but you do get a free mixup afterwards. You can go back turned after PK and use his nasty BT options


if you guardbreak from the side, which seems like a good idea now that you really want to block if youre sideturned, you get a free 46p combo.

oh and i mentioned 3pp.

how you doing btw man, you kept playing vf all this time?


I haven’t been playing much at all up until last week. I’ve mainly been playing Marvel ironically.


P > K > 6 (Backturned position) is really underrated (careful cause it starts high). Backturned P+K hits mid and should counter most attacks after a successful P > K. If they duck standing or try to evade , Backturned P+G to throw (don’t think it can be throw escaped).

Simple 50/50 off a P > K.


Remind me, how many characters have 10 frame attacks in this game again?

But yeah, 3PP is pretty solid for its speed, I didn’t notice that one going unmentioned lol. 236P+K is alright too, right now I switch around between that and 66K+G if I think they’ll try to fuzzy instead of mash.


I think it’s a solid option for punishment when you’re not sure exactly how much advantage you have. It being a natural combo and granting +4 on hit are nice as well.


It’s -10 making it grab punishable.


keep in mind that -10 means throw counterable. so that means you cant attack to beat the throw anymore.

(theres is a sick OS that becomes valuable here though that ill explain later)


aight so apparently at guaranteed throw situatations you can still do his PKG throw parry. and you can do his throw parry with 4PKG. Which means that if you do it right youll parry throws (no need to guess directions now), high/mid punches and elbows. the throw parry timing is hella hard throw but becomes easier at a -10 disadv.


It gives them a guaranteed grab attempt, which I really don’t like to consider a punish since it isn’t guaranteed damage, hence why I say it’s safe on block. I guess I should’ve clearly said that, but whathefuckever let’s move on.

I’ve heard about the throw parry stuff, haven’t messed around with it yet though. If it’s easier to time at -10 then that makes it all the better, though naturally it’s a bit risky against anybody in the know.


well the cool thing is it will also parry punches and elbows along side throws so you cut off a lot of options.


If the combo counter turns green does that mean it can be teched?

Im new to VF but is 6G+K useful?

Was messing around in training and did this.
6G+K 9P+K P 46P+K P 6P. I think it does 78 damage, though there is probably some better combo out there.