No mod, next best thing

Since Sosage has stopped in, perhaps we should make a compilation of changes we’d like here.

Posts we want stickied, posts we want unstickied…

Personally, I’d start with the moveset post. Delete that thing and put something up that is updated. Lots of stuff is missing from that post. Preferably done by someone who will remain active…

Anyone else care to add to this?

Afterwards we can PM Sosage so he can make changes…

Let’s start prepping the boards for AE! Let’s update every damn thing!

:bdp::hp: :woot:

Should do a “now” post, with a subset reserved for super… Hence the active person request…

Any posts you think should be removed or should be added? I can think of a number of posts that could be pruned for information and then deleted (with credit to original posters).



Blah blah blah blah

Changes made

Yeah pretty much.

A new consolidated AE Changes thread is def. needed.

AE Videos of Gouken, match ups etc. are needed too.

I can/will overhaul the match up thread once AE launches, if anyone has any ideas about that or if anyone would like to man up and take over the job please be my guest.

I’m not sure why we have 2 different Gouken Training/Dojo threads either, I guess 1 for PSN and 1 for XBL. I think one dedicated person can take over running that thread. Preferably someone who’s always online, and it’s even better if they’d have a PS3 and XBL.

To be honest, most of the things I’m concerned about are AE related. If people don’t have a grasp on Gouken by now with all of this info (which is mostly repetitive) floating around here, or if they just can’t seem to find it after it’s consolidated… Well… may GOD help them.