No More FFA MVC2 (Marvel), Moved to WINNETKA All Amusement!

The sticks are FFA are extremely ridiculous now and days. All the mvc2 machines are completely destroyed. I want to encourage the Local FFA heads or any MVC2 locals to start playing at WINNETKA All Amusement. The sticks are prefectly maintained. $25 cent play. Two MVC2 machines competition buttons on 360 sticks. We’re hoping to set up some future tournament events, when people start coming down. Please support the FFA MVC2 community. I hope to you see you guys there.


9201 Winnetka Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(818) 501-5121

From FFA take devonshire going west,
make a left on Winnetka. You’ll see it on your right side.
It’s next to the Winnetka 21 theatres.

We’ll be throwing tournaments soon. So People start coming down, We’ll make it a night.
The place closes at Midnight. So hopefully we could start the tournaments around 7-8p.m.

get a tourney date posted and ill show…

FFA sticks/buttons work now… Kinda. = O

lemme hitch a ride with you justin, if so i’ll go as well

i heard the sticks are perfect over there. i’ll check it out.

Anybody going to All Amusement Today?

I’m going down to All amusement tonight. I’m pretty sure Illan and finesse will be rocking tonight. I don’t know if danny is coming down. But hopefully he will. I’ll be there around 8:30.

I will try and to go, if not then I will be at FFA.

ill be there

are u the guy who plays bb hood/iron man/(doom or other random character?) if so, keep up with the beastings :tup:

Yea I’m that guy. The team is BB Hood/Dr Doom/Iron Man. Thanks for the compliment.:tup:

donald duck who are you? who do you pick at ffa?

He is the guy that used Storm I think. Asian guy with a hat. Correct me anyone if im wrong. Illan’s knows him, they both talked.

still clueless. I’ll ask illan tonight.

nice thread. ya ffa sux, even after they fix sticks. the only problem with winetka is no xmvsf and no nbc. but its still alot better, plus its next to the movies.

but ya, ive been goin to my local mall tilt arcade these past few nights. my friends work there so they put it on free play.

this is danny btw. and i dont know if u have my fone #, but if u want it, pm me so we can all meet up some time.

yo doz dis shit got cvs2?

yeah there’s one cvs2 and one 3s machine.

set up a tourney date for here A.S.A.P. sticks are like perfect :tup:

GG’s Duc Jr. Oh and I like FFA better so im not going to there anymore. The sticks dont feel perfect to me and it gets crowded so there is not a lot of space to move at times.

the 3s machine there blows farm animals.

the only reason it still works propperly is cuz no one uses it on a regular basis–