No More Free Internet: There Are Now Going To Be Regulations On Websites! (FCC)


Video: No More Free Internet: There Are Now Going To Be Regulations On Websites! (FCC Will Regulate The Net)

The FCC will regulate the internet.


Aren’t they just regulating the speeds or is there more to it?


Democrats are failing so hard right now.


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Network neutrality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Reading comprehension is pivotal.

I’ll wait for your responses so that you can learn the definition of the word comprehension. And pivotal. And definition. And learn.



As far as I understand, that’s basically it. They’re just saying that ISPs can’t outright block content and such. A far cry from “OMG FCC IS REGULATING WEBSITES!!!”


Thumbs up for linking to a Fox News video.

Two thumbs up for the video not saying jack shit about anything.


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Yea, because the FCC isn’t known for completely shitting on the first amendment when it comes to TV and Radio.[/sarcasm] If they wanted to do something about this then legislation would have been a better way than giving control to unconstitutional, incompetent dickheads.


His link sucks but just Google the issue, random link:
FCC makes Net neutrality rules official | Signal Strength - CNET News


I really want to know what the impact on wireless connectivity will be. There will definitely be a major shift to mobile devices, even more so than what we’re already seeing. Mostly because they are less regulated. But that does not mean they are 100% unregulated. This article neatly explains how and why the FTC is thinking the way it is about wireless broadband. It basically comes down in large part to the wireless spectrum auction of 2008 and Google’s role in it. Google, being Google, is looking saintly and devilish at the same time and it’s really hard to see what the real-world implications will be.


I thought it was just the speed.


As long as I keep my 15mbps download, 1mbps upload, and can torrent crap, I’m happy.


Missing person, I don’t think anyone in this thread actually read the regulation.


This is not only about speed. It’s about companies lowing down and degrading service to some sites based on their content.

Mostly, ISPs are huge conglomerate companies that also own media networks.

Now think about that. If you can stream shows and movies off the internet to your TV, why would you need cable anymore? Especially for those people who only have cable for one or two channels or shows. It makes no sense really, and it’s getting easier every day.

The cable companies don’t want to follow the rules of consumerism and evolve or die, they’d rather cheat and block your torrents, even if they are legit, throttle down your netflicks streams and outright block access to sites that compete with their business model.

They want things to stay the old way, where you pay every time you watch something. And if you think you own it, they change the media format so you get to pay for it again. well, the internet is kinda stopping that, and they won’t have it.

And don’t even get me started about wireless broadband and how locked down those devices are. Just try getting an iPhone to work on another carrier besides AT&T. It will make calls and that’s about it. All that’s going to change (hopefully) soon, though.


TV and Radio enter your house through public airwaves without your consistent, using public and government property (the airways) to reach their products to you. Due to their public nature, they do not fall under the full protection of the 1st amendment.


Freakin’ Comcast. I was so happy when I dropped those crooked bastards.


glad to see someone post up a good article about it. I am still of the mind that the fcc isn’t regulating enough. the way they structured their regulations isp’s can still decide to give slower speeds to competitors websites. it will also allow them to create a paid section of preferred sites which i’m not so much in favor of (if i misread this please correct me).

wrongo yo. mobile devices may not travel across the same lines to get to and from your devices, but the way they access websites is across the exact same backbone networks that are controlled by ISP’s. so think again if you assume that going to from your iphone is all that different than when you do it from your computer.


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