No more Heroes and Heralds?


I notice on Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, no one is playing Heroes and Heralds mode online anymore. Anyone know why that is?


gimmick factor ran out


Shit is pointless, you got all the bullshit you need in regular marvel gameplay anyway


I’ve never had a game in heroes and heralds :’( There’s less of a chance of that happening now I guess lol


A lot of people only played it to get the Herald colors they wanted. Once they did, they quit playing. I personally stopped because certain combos would drop and the amount of people boosting. Shit was just too gimmicky after a while.


How do you get those btw?


You have to be on the winning side and depending on how much you contributed, you’ll get 1-5 herald costumes randomly.


Oh ok thank you


Sorry, I’m one of those players that tried it a little when it first came out, and then never touched it again.Just a gimmick really.

Regular marvel online is fun enough & broken as it is. Why would i want to make it worse by playing this game? I hear there is shit that makes Wesker’s faster, more damaging in everything they do, and more stamina…

…why would i want to play against that? As it is in the normal game, once he is the last character and takes his glasses off + XFC, he is pretty much on LV4 X-Factor!

Then there are cards that allow you to X-factor…TWICE! OMG.

I dunno its possible after enough time goes by i’ll eventually take a closer look and pick it up…but thats highly unlikely. Regular marvel is packed to the ceiling with endless replay value as it is, and i’m always improving and learning match-ups.

Would rather put that time towards improving in regular marvel than playing this.


I still play. You can find the time of day people play this game. I play some H&H then I Player match. Both are fun just differant stratigies.


i’m trying to get involved with heros and heralds because i want the herald colors for my characters, but those campaign things take a week! i got stupid arthur’s color, of all characters!
i tried playing online a few times and only found one person so far. he had a card that allowed his characters to heal completely when tagged out, so that’s all he did the whole match and ended up timing me out -_-


…excuse me?




Arthur is the best character. You’re lucky. I’m stuck with fraudulent Akuma’s herald color.


I thought Heroes and Heralds was fun right up until I got murdered by Luke Cage / Luke Cage / Sabretooth for the first time.


Well, filler/FFF/mirror guy with Wesker is basically playing three xfc Weskers. Withot mirror guy, you’re playing against xfc for the whole game. Phoenix can start off with five meters and instant xfc. You still wondering why people don’t play this game?

P.S., that’s not even the best shit available.


Why play heroes and heralds, when you can play Zero/Magneto/Vergil in the main game? That’s enough HnH right there.


Boosting ruined it for everyone


i actually got to play a few online H&H matches. i didn’t realize all people have to do is quit; they don’t get a loss and you don’t get a win. r u srs??!E@c


can someone tell me what the levels on the cards mean? some cards have lv 1, lv 2, lv 3 effects.