No More Listings for Planet Zero Tournaments

This is effective until they can pay all players from past tournaments (including Japanese players).

There is no welching on SRK.


Best plan ever.


Insert dead joke about 2008


I like it.

I like this plan a lot. Planet Zero is for douchenozzles anyways.

Whoa, awesome!

No argument here :tup:

something tells me that PZ still doesn’t care

Oh man
I guess we gonna have to put all our faith in Arcade UFO.

man, hahaha

srk strikes again

I approve of this decision… but wasn’t this [unofficially] decided last time they tried to promote an event (i.e. Showdown)?

Tight work. Honestly, I think this should be a perm ban regardless if they pay people, but I guess the point is that we want these players to get paid. Still, this is something I and Im sure many others support greatly. Good shit Wizard. I like.


He told them in the that big PZ tourney thread when he locked it, and I guess they STILL haven’t figured it out.

How many PZ tournaments have you or any major US players played at and not got paid? I might not talk to the Japanese players but every PZ tournament I’ve played and placed in I’ve been paid.

i placed and did not get paid at the tourney, they said i had to pick up the check from them or i wouldnt be getting it, as in they wont mail it out either.

even shadyk thinks its shady.

damn these fools didnt pay players? what a fuckin scam yo! thats some fucked up shit right thurr!!

Too bad they keep having Brawl tournaments with over 100 people. They even have silly rules banning the numerous infinites and chaingrabs. It’s likely the only thing keeping them alive.

With all the garbage I heard about them, I don’t think anyone will argue this.