No more mag beta codes left. If i get some more, i will re-new this thread. Thanks!


SRK Premium members only (that means if your not a premo, wtf are you waiting for? SUPPORT YOUR SRK!!!).

First person Premo’s to + Rep me gets the last Code to DL the newest BETA for the PS3 exclusive LAG, er, MAG. (full version drops 1/26/10) AFTER YOU REP, YOU MUST PM ME SO I CAN EASILY PM YOU BACK THE CODE. I WILL RESPOND TO THE PM’s IN THE ORDER OF WHEN I RECEIVED THE REP Failure to PM will result in no code. So…

Happy Repping.:coffee:


good stuff Tim! over the holidays I’ll have some surprises for Premium members only also.


Nice. I will purchasing a Animal Crossing from you soon. So dont sell all 63 copies just yet :wink:


3 left!


2 left!!




1 left!!!


going to bed. I’ll check first thing in the morning to see who got the last code.


Great “transaction” on tim’s part, code worked and now i will get no sleep haha.
Would do business with again!


lol dont worry i still have more than half of it.


^haha awesome

Gave away my last code this morning to the first person that met the requirements.

If i get anymore, the 2 that +rep’d and PM me after the last guy will get the codes. No promises, but thanks to all that “played” hehe. :china: