No MvC 2 Stick?


Hey guys, I posted on Capcom-Unity on the “Ask Capcom” thread asking about the possibility of the MvC 2 stick as it had been up on before. The answer I recieved from Seth Killian was:

"Ironically, although the rumors about the game were in fact true, the stick postings were 100% fake. It was either a mockup composed by the site themselves to generate traffic (it worked), or they were fooled too and pulled the image from someplace else. It didn’t come from Mad Catz, and it certainly diudn’t come from Capcom.

They would be cool though, yeah?


I wonder if he means that there is no MvC 2 stick or he just means the one was false. I’m going to guess there won’t be a stick.


Well…Madcatz are still handling the Street Fighter stick issues and stuff so they probably wont give any attention to making one…so yeah


The Shopto posting showed pictures of the SFIV TE sticks and pads and then they took them down.

It might have generated traffic but what’s the point if that site has no sticks to purchase anyways?