No Notice HDR Online tourney(360 only) - August 17

August 17

On Xbox 360 with the player lobby on IRC

Super Street Fighter Two Turbo: HD Remix

8pm registration

8:30pm start

2/3 Double Elimination, 2/3 Winners & Losers Finals, 3/5 Grand Finals

The chat lobby will be #gtasfHDR on the Efnet server. Check out the webchat client to enter the lobby. Check this thread for instructions on how to use Mibbit.

Keep your bandwidth free of other stuff if possible to reduce lag.

I’m going to start doing weeklies on either Saturday or Sunday, probably Sunday. PM me if you prefer one of those two days.

Tourney Results

  1. Level 4 AI
  2. Generic laggy scrub spamming Gouki
  3. RXS
  4. JED

Lawl next time I’ll put this up in the tourney listings. I’ll need the entire east coast to run a tourney.

are you srs.

Yes he is SRS. except… for the amatuer thread creating techniques :slight_smile: I’ll be there.

If you’re trying to run online tournies, don’t post them in the tourney forums. You’ll get a better turnout by posting in the HD Remix XBL forum or the HD Remix Strategy forum. Just a suggestion since I ran an online tourney 2 weeks ago and got several peeps to sign up.

I’m not even gonna bother anymore.

I was just checking for interest in the Canadian scene.

Anant close this thread plz.

Yeah I never saw that thread ever, blitzfu’s suggestion is a good one.