NO NOTICE! POWNZ Tekken 6 Launch Party and live stream!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the extremely short notice! POWNZ is having a Tekken 6 launch party tonight! That means FREE PIZZA, POP, and CAKE.

If you’re in town or can make it, make sure you try to stop by!

For those who can’t make it in, there will be a live stream starting at 8:00 PM @

Where: POWNZ Gaming Center
307 King Street East
Hamilton, Ontario

When: Thursday, October 29th, 2009
7:00 - 10:00 PM

Cost: NONE for l33t guild members (Those who had to pay $10 for their memberships), Regular hourly fee’s apply to n00b members





Today! LOL hence the no notice.

yeeeeeee imma go after i finish working

Wow, this sucks so balls for out-of-towners.


Vanny and I are dropping by around 9:00pm.

The hype!

Also WTF you have a job mongoose? good grief!

Oh my gawdddddd lol hamilton better get hype for this shizz

how much free pizza are we allowed? i would eat at least $15 worth to cover the gas to hamilton and pocket some drinks to bring home plus bring tupperware for the cake to bring home as well.

I’ll be making an appearance.
Someone needs to teach me how to really play this shit.
I got a few perfects online last night, but then got played for free from someone who actually knows how to play. lol.

Vince, is this only for Tekken? Like it’s free for members IF you’re playing Tekken?
Cuz I’d like to get a game or 2 of BB in.

it’s for tekken only… hence… Tekken launch party… fools dont’ know how to read.

I’m not going, but i’d just like to say that the KOF Launch Party was fun as hell, and easily worth the drive.

If you’re on the fence, don’t be, just go.

i teach every week o.0

1st - Me
2nd - The big guy with the tattoos
3rd - The kid who kind of knew how to use Eddie
4th - Vince
5th - The kid who didn’t know how to use Eddie
5th - Probably Kelly
7th - The guy I had to save from being eliminated by the pre teen girl aka Drekken
7th - Most likely Mongoose. He looked to have mashed his way through a game or two.
9th - Lorenzo aka the guy who doesn’t hit you when you’re on the ground
9th - That guy who needs a haircut
9th - The skinny kid who knows me but I haven’t got a clue what his name is
9th - The little girl that almost beat me in winners and almost beat Drekken in losers

GG’s to everyone. Real game.

Which one am I on that list?
I figured I was around 5th or 7th.
Lost to that Artimus guy… beat Lime, beat Mongoose, lost to Artemus again.

That kid was freaking me out with how he was rocking back and forth in his chair while playing. I kept seeing it out of the corner of my eye. Pretty good game so far, but Justin’s right, once we learn how to tech and counter properly it’ll be better.

Oh fuck Mike I forgot about you. Maybe that kid with the shaggy hair wasn’t in the tourney.

Best. Results. Ever.

In particular…
7th - The guy I had to save from being eliminated by the pre teen girl aka Drekken

BTW, I’m the best Ling Xiayou in history from Hamilton that spams UF+LK+RK and DB+LP…bet it.

And the real launch party was on Tuesday when I was there. Real talk. :cool:

lol Drekken was so funny. I told him all he needed was Lars’ UF+3,3 combo. and that’s all he used to beat her after that first game where he lost to random girl who played the game for 10 minutes and was teching out of his throws. lol.

LOL who is this pre-teen girl I’m hearing about?

all i know is… 4 counter throws and you are dead. time to level up tonight for Saturday!