NO NOTICE! POWNZ Tekken 6 Launch Party and live stream!

yeah i was 7th lol

i totally didn’t mash, i just didn’t know when the hell eddie was attacking

You beat Lorenzo. But lost to me. Who else did you play?
Keep playing as Leo. You’re getting pretty good with him.

RXS day 1 Leo > Mongoose day 1 Leo

by the end of the night he was pulling off weird shit had me guessing.
Apparently Leo’s U+2 is a shoryuken.
that and he’s cheap with his flying kick which is an overhead and I kept getting hit with it while in low guard. fuck you mongoose. lol.

Vince; can we get the actual results posted so I can close this thread?

Sorry just got in the house, will do in a bit

tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

I fought Dark Throne’s Eddie. It was down to like a sliver of health each and I tried to flying karate kick him in something that looked like the recovery of a move but I think it was the start up.

Vince, did you even fight me?


1 Nagata Lock II
2 Heffer
3 Artimas
5 Chipter
5 Dark Throne
7 Pyro
7 Drekkon
9 mr.athrilla
9 Mongoose
9 SLiver
9 Valo
13 Lime
13 Zozo