NO NOTICE STREET FIGHTER IV @ Lovegety Station (08/16/2008)

Slightly underwhelming turnout. The pre and post tourney casuals had tons of people though.

1st - YellowS4 (Ryu/Zangief)
2nd - Spiral Guy (Sagat)
3rd - Nagata Lock II (Guile/Vega)
4th - Gerjay (E Honda/Dhalsim)
5th - DarkDragon (Ryu)
5th - Eric (Ryu)
7th - Vrus (E Honda)
7th - Tigerlee (Chun Li/Vega)
9th - DaflipmastaXV (Sagat)
9th - Kymah (Balrog/Bison)
9th - Jay Wang (Balrog/Sagat)
9th - Fritz (Balrog/Guile)
13th - FTK (Zangief)
13th - Kikkomanchow (E Honda)
13th - DaDesiCanadian (Abel)
13th - Shaun (Sagat)
17th - Nech Neb (Ken)
17th - MythicExcile (Ken)
17th - DropTheSky (Ken)
17th - Spicy Salami (Ken)
17th - nGuman (Ryu)
17th - Green (Ken)

The entire tournament was recorded through direct feed. HUGE THANKS to Andy for cataloging and recording all the matches. We all really appreciate it. Now erase all of them because most of the matches are crap. WF/LF/GF were all pretty beastly IMO though.

Great seeing some old faces and meeting some new ones. Next tourney is in 2 weeks being run by Lovegety regulars and then the next GTASF ran event will be on 09/13 for all games.

GG’s to everyone.

Winners finals were nuts. I SHOULDA HAD FAITH IN JAY DAMNIT.

Also, I hate Jay Wang.

Congratualtions Jahingir.

But we all know what happens now. Jay always wins the first tournament for new games, then he gets bored, quits and plays fatal frame. :slight_smile:

Balrog’s Hook punch does nothing!

Nice seeing everyone again. Too bad Greg, Brian and Spencer couldn’t make it.

Why block when you can lariat the ultra?

Thanks Nagata for throwing this together on such sort notice.
Thanks to Andy to capturing and indexing all the matches properly … looking forward to seeing how the finals went down.

It’s time for me to go into secret training now … I’ll see you guys at the next T tourney!

good shit jay, hold that shit down.

GGs everyone! Gotta build that fucken meter and go for chip damage haha.

Hopefully we don’t see a sudden surge in everyone moving to Sagat =
Thanks to Andy for recording! Someone needs to get on to recording crowd noise too.
Respect to Nagata and Getty boss for running things as well.

Fuck you to JayWang for not being old school enough.

Kin and Stephen are assholes, never the play the game before and win.

I noticed all the Kens placed low.

Yes Jay! Gotta love how anant is the only guy who used a new char =)

hax :shake:

Haha this tourney was so fun ggs to everyone

this game will probably look more fun once everyone knows what they’re saying. Right now it’s kinda boring though (unless you like ST on crack)

no rufus?!

No Rufus.

Spiral Guy used Rufus once in Losers Finals.
Darkdragon used Fuerte for one game.
Spicy Salami used Fuerte for one or two games as well.
I used Rog in finals, not sure who else I picked.
The characters used by everyone else, afaik are right.

and I *think *someone used Viper.

Lol Adverse.
Thanks Roger!

I think someone only Vipered in casuals. FTK maybe?

And yeah, Abel seems much more fun than the old school chars.

where are the vids?

currently encoding mode…premiere says 14 hrs left… ill upload them when i get off work. teaser youtube video on watgei site.

Very interesting.
I wanna see some SFIV action!