No OBD for MVC2 on 360 or ps3?


yeah how gay. i really needed it. badly


to my knowledge it will be put in the game when they patch it.


really? hopefully the patch is released soon. i can’t even do a super on the gay ps3 pad. i need the obd for magneto, storm, and sent.


When is the patch happening?

What are they patching?




I think they mean Ol Dirty Bastard. He was my main too, I can’t believe they left that nigga out of the game. Something about too much shimmy shimmy ya.


one button dash I think…


oh lol ok.

HELL FUCK NO! Keep that shit out of Marvel vs Capcom 2.


i lol’d hard


^ :tup:


Keep that easy mode bullshit out of Marvel. Man up and learn how to execute.


This man speaks the truth.


I’m sure if enough people gripe about it, it will be patched in.


not that pressing a few buttons at the same time is all that hard to dash in the first place…


I play with OBD and win :< Then again, Rarely do I play magneto. I just pick clockwork and throw rocks and frisbees all day nigga.


ahahahhahahahahhaha im dying

obd is op


ODB and Mariah go back like with pacifiers!


You mean double tapping forward is too hard for you? Seriously?

Who are you? Corky from Life Goes On?





Oh noes I can’t hit 2 buttons at once, only 1! My head hurts too much if I have to move from down to down-forward to forward! :lame:

its 2 buttons and a direction. What the hell?