No one is joining my matches

Hey guys, I was qondering if any of you has trouble with this. I would host a player match and no one joins and i mean no one. I left game open for 30 min and not a single person joined. My Nat is green and i can create tournament matches just fine and I don’t have trouble finding matches on ranked. Only problem is creating player match. Any help will greatly be appreciated!

There’s a few threads that talk about online problems on the front page, you REALLY should look at them before posting. To address your question though, it’s a problem with the way capcom designed the matchmaking, they have to patch it.

At least you can go into ranked and find a match really fa-HAHA OH WOW YOU THINK YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY THIS GAME? HA

No but seriously this game has great online play, Derek Neal should be on every project.

Yea but those problems about matchmaking are for the ranked matches. I have yet to see someone post about people not joining their player matches though.

Well sir, have a look in this thread then: Are the PSN version's issues being ignored?