No one represented Gief at SB5?

Aquasilk, Vangief, UltraDavid? Where are you? =\

Thought ultraD dropped Gief. There really are like no good giefs repping at all.

Yo " EG.Martin “Marn” Phan was knocked into the losers bracket in his first match by an unnamed Zangief player."

who the fresno is that?

no good giefs went.

Well, somebody needs to put out an APB for the “unnamed zangief player” that beat marn.

Nah, that’s irrelevant.

Dudley is awful against grapplers. Marn has said so several times already.

He loses instantly vs T.Hawk, let alone Zangief. No matter who they are.

You should have gone final I sure you would have gotten top 16.

Also I went 4-2. Lost to a sagat counter picked me first round it was close but he just slipped away too many times then I won 4 matchs most noteably skisonics el fuerte thank god for u2. Then i lost to perfect sin’s sim another really close match. I also beat gootecks rose in sf teams before losing to bucktooth. Gootecks then beat me in a money match he insisted upon but it was really fun playing him. They didn’t put any matches from my group on the stream even the group finals.

Anyone who didn’t go missed a great time.

I had a great time there got to hang with weaponsleft and get matches

sb5 was fun yay. i got put in losers by perfect sin’s sim and then peaced out by juicebox. 4-2 in the same pool as bp. too bad we didn’t get any mirrors in.

I got to see WeaponsLeft on the stream; loved the reset after you dizzied to Lv.3 crumple. I am completely stealing that shit.

sorry to sound disrespectful… my boy ravai went…he’s the guy that beat marn. props goes out to him, he’s too good. I wish he could have done better he deserves it.

@bp amoco

yeap your right son, but hey you did good, you actually went, which is better then me. sorry, i didn’t get top 16 bro :0 . oh well,

there werent allot of gief at sb…i whent 4-2 as well…stuck in the 1st pool

is mariodood still playing Gief? Or playing at all actually?

Hey thanks man. I was incredibly nervous up there it was kinda crazy. And it turns out for good reason. It seems like literally everyone I know saw that match. Got scrubbed by dr chaos but I hate the akuma matchup and got caught a couple times trying to hit an instant air u2. Anyways shout outs to the people who came up to me and introduced themselves. I had a great time. Shout outs to bp amoco nice to put a face with the Gief. I’m much hungrier after that tourney. I want to play better and there’s nothing to do but train.

Also, I think people are forgetting how difficult it is to play Gief in a tournament setting. Gief is a beast in team tournament setting because he can cover some matchups with good partners. But seriously Gief gets blown up by a bunch of tournament mainstays. I.e. Akuma, blanka, Sagat and Seth. Shit Arturo counterpicked a Gief player at this tourney with Seth and nearly quad perfected him. I honestly don’t even want to play anyone anymore that doesn’t play a problem character because that’s IMO what will hold me back the most.

The last time I spoke to Mariodood was at EVO and at the time, he still mained Zangief while playing Abel and Dictator as secondaries.

im gonna try to make it to the next tournament… aside from SFL

I got owned by sabin with my gief but beat some other non-pro guys in my pool. went 3-2.

Not a good gief but I do what I can.

Need to practice more. Been trying to main adon but recently back to gief.

yeah, i saw that “counter-pick” with seth. Brutal. Nuff props for stepping up to the plate doh. Gief vs Sabin as any character he uses is just… He is the anti-gief.

mariodoods playin, I see him online pretty often, usually playing ranked, but I got some endless on with him the other night. he was stickin with Bison , so no mirrors, but said he was still maining gief.

wow im surprised to see people talking about me xD

I still play Gief on XBL and shit but I’m not really a factor in this game. I just started college so I don’t have much time for tourneys these days.

Shout outs to Mean Saltine for his performance at Focus Fire. Top 5 at a tournament with that many killers deserves recognition. And his thread got locked because he linked videos. Gief representation from non Vangief is good shit.