No one to train me


I’ve recently gotten into the FGC and fighting games in general. I picked up umvc3 about 2 months ago, and have played nearly every day since. I’ve also MORE recently picked up soulcalibur V, and enjoyed it thoroughly for the past few days. So here’s the problem. Every fighting game I play, I get pretty good at battling the AI in arcade/story mode, then I play online, and everyone who I play against is either an unholy badass of DEATH, or some douchebag who uses cheap tactics to win, so there’s NO middle ground for me to practice with, because AI fight differently that real people. The only way i see how I can, is to play with my friends, who wont use cheap tactics, and will go easy on me. The problem with THAT is, that I don’t have any friends who play fighting games, and cant help me practice and get better.

So, my question is: What are ways to practice fighting games against humans? How did you practice/get better when you were a noob?


Show up to local gatherings…make some friends within the community.

Good place to start looking, and introducing yourself.
If you are willing to learn…they are willing to help.

  1. Like Geese Pants said, find people locally.

  2. Get over this idea of “cheap tactics are bad”. It only holds you back. You might want read this:
    On Cheapness


Unfortunately, Geese Pants, I’m only 15, and cant drive anywhere. the only gatherings there seem to be in Texas are in dallas or houston (about 2-4 hours from where I live)


Trouble Brewing, when I say “cheap” I mean actually cheap. as in using the same friggin move over and over until I die.


Dude we can train together! I’m a noob to, but I recently got UMVC3 and do not have anyone to train with! Whenever you see my ass on you better invite. You may beat my ass, but I will make it hard as hell for you to win.

Also everything has a counter. Some guy I played last week was using Doom missles+ Storm assist and I could not move towards him, what I do is I message them how to get around the tactic, if they aren’t dicks they will tell you how.

Also I agree that there is a shitty middle ground for new players. This includes, but not limited beginner guides, which are VERY shitty when a player knows the definition of terms and how the game works, but tell us nothing on how to actually bridge that gap from noob to intermediate.

People say that using training mode for combos is bad, and you should be doing stuff like practicing setups, mixups, and etc. Well how in the hell is a new player supposed to know how to do any of those things.


Oh, I COMPLETELY agree, theres NO noob support whatsoever in FGs. Thanks a ton, dude!


Are you available to run a few sets right now?


That’s not being cheap…that’s more you not learning to adapt and counter.


What new players think of as “cheap,” a competitive player thinks of as “highly effective strategies you don’t know how to stop yet.”

Don’t blame others for your loss. If you find yourself losing to one certain move or strategy, it’s up to YOU to figure out how to get around it. Being cheap is the most efficient way to win, which is the goal of any decent competitive player to obtain.


Okay, How about instead of bashing me for how bad I am, you guys actually HELP WITH MY PROBLEM, THAT I CANT PRACTICE WITHOUT HAVING MY ASS HANDED TO ME!?!!!?!?! or “highly effective strategies you don’t know how to stop yet.”


No one was bashing you…that was giving you advice.

If I was going to bash you…even you would know.

I see a lot more different TX threads than just Dallas and Houston…you can at least post in one or two of them and introduce yourself.


This x10


If there is a specific thing you can identify that you are struggling with (you don’t have an answer to throws, to backdashes, to fireballs, etc.), people will gladly tell you what the answer is.

If you just vaguely complain “omg this is cheap” then nobody can help you. Without knowing what the exact problem is, we can only point you towards beginner tutorials (there are a lot of these) and character forums and pray you can handle doing the research yourself.

If you can’t identify what you are losing to, posting a video of a recent match also works.


It’s not bashing. It’s me giving you advice so that you stop getting so frustrated in the future. Believe me, if I wanted to bash you, I’d be using much harsher language.

You practice by focusing on one thing at a time. Figure out what cheap strategy is beating you and experiment with different ways to counter it. Do research on these forums or on youtube. There’s plenty of information out there and the odds are that your questions will have already been asked thousands of times over, and the answer is out there. Take it one step at a time, learn the counter to this cheap move you’re encountering, and then move onto the next cheap move, learn the counter, rinse and repeat until you’re a world champion.

Beyond that, we really can’t offer any advice unless you post up some specific questions. You can learn from every win or loss, no matter how close or how bad it is, you just have to break it down in your head and analyze your own matches to see where you went wrong.


No one here will bash you unless you’re biting the hand that’s feeding you.
Get used to the criticism. It will do nothing,but help you,man. Trust me.

Everybody else on here is posting some good info for you. As someone who had no mentor myself at the beginning,I can understand how some things can seem so abstract for you,but just keep at it. Just study study study and analyze things. The only thing that can truly hold you back is yourself. We can only help so much.


Where do you live in texas? I live in the Dallas area and I can get some people to carpool for you


I don’t know who says that, but you should ignore them. Practicing combos are a great use of training mode.

I don’t really know what to say. SRK staff opened a sub forum called the newbie dojo to provide new players a place to ask questions and learn. Numerous posters have written guides that can be found here and other places. A few people make web TV shows just for new players, etc… and yet there is no noob support whatsoever in FGs?

Aren’t all of these posters trying to help you?


I agree with geese pants. If anybody here wanted to insult you, you’d feel your asshole getting tighter at the exact second you read the post.

Now, there is a TON of noob friendly content out there. You actually have to pay attention to the resources and learn from them and put in a minimal amount of effort in to understanding said resources. Not wish the creator would custom tailor a tutorial just for your needs.

Secondly, ditch whatever juvenile, high horse opinion you have on the things that beat you. Sure some things are better than they should be, but calling them cheap and raging on the internet about it will get you nowhere fast. If you want to do that then head on over to gamefaqs and they will roll out a red carpet for you, give you free cookies, and you guys can whisper sweet nothings into each others ears about how broken fighting games are.

Part of fighting games is learning to adapt to different circumstances at a fast pace. And using the same moves over and over is cheap? That is another part of fighting games. When your opponent shows a weakness, you take advantage of it until they figure out a defense. Your opponent using the same moves over and over again and blowing you up is nothing more than a reflection of your inability to defend against it, and they view it as their ticket to an easy W. This isn’t COD or Halo. You have no other objectives besides winning, no matter how you have to go about it. You use your characters strong points as a tool, while being aware of all their weaknesses at the same time so you can keep yourself in check.

Now normally I’d be the first to jump on your nuts and give you my GT so I could help you get better, because I love teaching people things. But your actions here tell me that you would turn into a casual who plays once every few months. And unless you change your mindset towards fighters, my opinion of you will stand, and you would be nothing but a waste of my time.

But regarding losing a lot, here is a pretty good win quote from SF4

“A strong fighter is not one who always wins, but one who stands after defeat.” - Sagat


I was like you, when I was young and played fighting games, I would try to defeat a boss and could not touch him/her. I would be like “why am I not hitting this fool?! why is this character hitting me for! bloody cheap this is! GRRRR!” my friends would laugh and tell me “that’s what the cpu is programmed to do bro, deal with it!”

there are going to be people that will use the same moves over and over and over again until you give them a reason to not do that move again, this is where training mode is your best friend. Find what is considered “cheap” to you and find ways around it…if you find that someone does a wakeup srk every single time, block and punish accordingly. If someone throws you every single time, learn to tech (it can be hard online at times though) if someone jumps at you, learn to anti air them. I wouldn’t have known most things if it wasn’t for this forum (and of course, playing) Listen to these people, they are the best :smiley:

Also, enjoy playing the game! no point playing if you’re not feeling it.