No online pair play for xbox360!

I have the 360 manual here in my hand and it clearly says on page 22 that the second player just needs to press start on his controller. I’ve played the playstation version and it works perfectly. What the fuck is wrong with the 360 version? This is outrageous. 360 players deserve to have pair play too. Does anyone else have any info on this issue?

srsly? my first game was with two kids that were online together…

look around for 5 mins and im sure you’ll find your answer

edit. my bad

He’s talking about local pair play on the same console. There have been many complaints about this and it has yet to be resolved.

Where the hell is capcom? They have a ton of shit to answer to…

Are they just going to hide until everyone forgets or something? Seth needs to man up and tell us what is going on. Dont act like youre the community’s best friend if youre just going to hide until the smoke clears.


Capcom just answered. Its not going to happen for 360.

Yea MK can do it, but i think thats because MK limits you from partnering up online, so you get 1 or the other I guess, not both.

That makes absolutely no sense. How can you do guest players and other things like that in shooters in other things if XBL wont allow it? Gears of War, Fifa, Call of Duty… they ALL have this feature.

Yes, MK didnt allow you pair up online, but still… that should have no bearing on what I do with another person who is sitting in the same room with me on a guest account. Isnt that what guest accounts are there for in the first place!!!

I cant honestly believe this. Whats next? Are they going to say that all the DLC characters are already on the disc!!! Oh… wait…

Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.

Huge let down. Smh

Yea, I dunno thats the best I’ve gotten from them. Why couldn’t the match just see you as 1 player and on your end its using both inputs or something… just sucks. It really really sucks.

Seriously… this is that guy from capcom’s exact quote:

How is that even close to being true? I can pair play online and offline with people on fifa. If it wasnt allowed by Microsoft, why can I do it in every other game that has a similar feature??

Sounds like it’s Microsoft’s fault. I thought you could have guests for FPS games, though.

More than just FPS games.

This is a disappointment, but as long as there’s still local 2v2 play, I guess it’s not such a letdown. Getting four people on a couch playing the same match was some of the most fun I had with MK9, I’ve been looking forward to doing the same with SFxT.

Sports games, FPS’s, hell… even XBL arcade games have this feature.

This is absolutely unacceptable IMO. Seth said that this feature was in this game. I feel like I was lied to as a consumer. Not to mention it blatantly has the information in the instruction manual on pg 22.

False advertising anyone?

Yeah but some of the MOST fun was sitting there with you and a friend beating the snot out of people online together. Fighting the same people over and over again gets pretty boring.

They have to find a way to get this feature in the game. This is just unacceptable IMO. First the DLC fiasco, the sound bugs/glitches overall, and now this? Wtf is going on?

I agree that this absolutely has to get fixed. This needs to be extremely high priority for them, because honestly it is one of the biggest features this game has. A lot of my friends stated that that would be a way they would be interested in playing fighting games, and it is extremely difficult to get them to play typically. Grouping together rather than having to face me is such a better way to have them introduced to the genre.

Seriously Capcom what the shit!?

Oh AND not saying anything till release day WHAT!?

This really needs to be made a bigger deal than most people are making it. This was an ADVERTISED feature. They never said it was PS3 exclusive.

I swear to god, the only thing that will make me more pissed is if they try and charge us for Megaman and Pacman.

Think about it, the ps3 gets 4 more characters AND more features than the 360 version, yet the prices are the same. Last time I checked, when you buy a car that has less features than the upgraded model, it always costs LESS. So why isnt the discrepancy reflected in the price?

For those of you hoping to see Mike and Gootecks go online together and play people in their next adventure series will be sadly disappointed unless they get a PS3.

MK probably didn’t have 2vs2 with online pairing because it couldn’t support it, it was already having trouble with 1v1 in alot of instances.

Tons of games allow you to pair up locally and get online with a Guest, and they say it’s MS fault? Probably the incompetence of Capcom because there is no valid reason to not have this, “something to do with how PSN ID’s and Gamertags work and the policy on that”, yeah right. Definately need more clarification.

So you can go locally online co-op if you sign in with 2 different gold meberships, btw definately not paying for another gold.

What are you guys talking about MK9 not having local coop online? I am pretty sure I remember doing that at my friend’s house on 360.

I was a developer on Dungeon Siege 3, not a perfect game but we allowed 2 players on one box to play alongside 2 players on another box, or 4 boxes online to play together.

The reality is it is *more difficult *to support it on Xbox, because you need to have both players individually logged into their gamertags and need to do a bunch of additional work to comply with Microsoft’s requirements if you are going to allow 2 boxes with 2 players each on XBL. But it is not only possible, but there are definitely games you can point to that do it (DS3, Rock Band, etc).

If you guys really want to see this, I’d make a big stink about it to both Microsoft and Capcom, because it absolutely is possible. It sounds like it’s an issue of misunderstanding between the two parties, but it should be totally resolvable.

Again, I don’t have any kind of inside information other than experience working on other games, and this isn’t intended as a slam against Capcom or Microsoft - these kinds of issues happen all the time and are really difficult to navigate, especially across countries, so it’s understandable. But as a player who wants to see this resolved and has some relevant experience just gotta add what I know about the process.