No Projectile Blanka Counter


I was playing this dude the other day online and he played as Blanka, I picked E. Honda. He constantly did that move where he electricutes himself (rapid Punch) and you get too when you hit him with your player model. He just sat it out for like the entire match and eventually when jumped up to me and did the grab where he bites you. He literally sat there being electric from the Fight! sound till the match was almost over.

Now, if I had picked a character that can fire projectiles, I could’ve easily countered this, but as a character that has no projectile attacks, how do you counter this??

He also kept sending me messages with ’ Thank you’ in the title after each match. That is some weird psychological warfare shit.

All characters can sweep Blanka out of his electricity - use the tip of your foot to hit him (don’t be too close), and you’ll be fine.

OOoh alright didn’t know that sorry I’m a beginner :smiley: Thanks!

Go in to training mode and turn hitboxes on to see where you can hit him. Useful for a lot of moves you’re unsure about.


Honda’s Hit Boxes:

Blanka’s Hit Boxes:

Red Area = where attack hits
Blue Area = where character can get hit (by attacks)

We just talked about counter Blanka strategies in the Honda thread on the last page.

Here’s my take, with video.

If Blanka spams electricity, just do Honda’s st. :hk: from long range, cr. :hk: at medium range. Free hit.

In classic ST, Honda could jump in from long range and hit him cleanly with :d::mk: every time (thanks to Kuroppi and Simpower for that tip), but I think that Sirlin put his cock in that.

HDR Honda jumping.toward.<down>+Forward hit box:
1:54 in [media=youtube]qcLJ8U27FmM[/media]

HDR Blanka Electricity Special hit box:
3:17 in [media=youtube]yFtFnwPesh8[/media]

(just hit pause on each and compare)

The ST Blanka Electricity hit boxes would cycle, with the speed of the cycling speeding up the harder the punch used.
The HDR Blanka Electricity hit box is fixed at the largest “to-hit” box from ST, and is the same for all punch buttons.

The HDR Blanka Electricity also comes out faster and is easier to keep active than the ST version’s Strong or Fierce versions.

Excellent work as usual, Terry.

It would seem that this largely if not totally explains the splash not working in HDR (not for a clean hit, anyway).

I wonder if Honda’s splash hit box was altered, as well. In classic ST, I can’t recall ever trading with the electricity using a far splash.

the visible hitboxes in classic training mode say otherwise.

I was going off the hitbox markers from Hyper Fighting in an emulator.
(the ones you can turn on in-game)

Was Super/ST redone to have the single, solid hitbox?

Yeah, I thought it alternated, too. Can someone clear this up (i.e. provide images or video)?