No proper South African players at EVO


It’s my regret that there are no proper South African player at EVO. There are no sponsors in South Africa for our top players, and the people that are going is the RICH people and they are not even goods players. This make South African players look bad and makes us look like NOOBS. Is there no sponsors that will help get South Africa’s top players to EVO.? MONSTER WHERE ARE YOU.


1 minute in and I already saw a blocked EX Overhead from Balrog go unpunished, Blanka doing 2 jump backs into slide and a raw st.HK from Blanka not get swept/st.HP’d.

I don’t know, man.


26k BP Blanka in da house.


You’ll have to pay to get there like everybody else. Sponsors just don’t throw money around because you ask. You have to develop your scene, bring in the exposure, bring up player and TO talents, then maybe you’ll get noticed by someone with deep pockets who think you’re worth bringing out.

Otherwise, hold that shit, and dream on.


Whaddap BOYx1212

I get your grief. You’re upset you can’t go. You want to prove your skills.
You’re not the only one that feels the way you do.

Yeah well, I know 2 dudes that went to Evo (think it was last year, could be wrong) and if they’re rich, then I should be ordering my Bugatti Veyron soon, ooo… or that really nice concept Electric Harley Davidson.
The guys who went had the motivation to get there, pretty much knowing there would be no limelight for them. They deserve our (and your) support. That would be nothing but fair.

If you want a sponsor, writing an open question to no-one in particular isn’t going to help.

If I were you, I’d be asking those “rich guys” how they managed to get there.
I would ask them if there was a way I could join up with them to save costs.
I’d also promote my fellow countrymen, instead of trying to alienate them.



Or beg for donations and have no dignity.


To our South African people it will cast ± 40 000 bucks to get to EVO that’s why I say they are rich, the average person in South Africa salary is R4000 a month, I am just saying there are lots of South African people that are better than the once that are going, I am not the best there are lots out there better than me in SA. I am just better than the once that are going and I think the true top players of SA. must have a given chance to go and its time companies in SA. start supporting them.


Bump for South Africa.

FGC we need your monies!


Hi BOYx1212.

Just out of curiosity, who are the true top players of SA?


Him. Obviously.

You have SA in your name, REPRESENT!


Save up money. It may take years, but it’s a lot more constructive than begging for sponsorships on a forum that no companies are going to be reading, posting shitty matches acting like they’re good enough for someone to just hand you and your buddies money, and trying to cut down people from your own community.


I agree with this. You need to go do it on Reddit/Twitter instead. That’s where everyone else does it.


I am not the best, not even worth going, just saying the guys that are good in SA. never go as they do not have money to go and there are no companies that sponsor people in SA. Me I am just average compare to the top players in SA.


And I’m saying that it’s stupid to go around begging for money in a place where no one that matters will notice and that you’re being a shitty person for whining about the people from your country who are going just because they happen to have enough money.


I forgot you guy’s are not from SA. So you give a crap of the SA. people luckily your top players is already in the country for the tournament.


Who are your top players? because the guys in the video aren’t even close to being top players.


Maybe if you supported the guys that are going, they might get better and represent more efficiently huh? Take a saying from us here in the good old US of A.

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

Tearing down the only reps of your country wont help other people get money to go. It wont make their jobs more lucrative. It wont decrease the price of a plane ticket. It make a hotel room cost less per night. All you can do right now until the “proper” players, as you would say, can afford to go, is make the guys going as best you can. If you or your friends are truly better than them, play sets with them and give them tips. If they arent childish as fuck they will listen and learn. Hell, if you guys are actually good coaches and the player is actually rich, they might even pay for you to go with them. Kinda like how some of the bigger players bring some friends/family for support.


That doesn’t apply in FGC. Everyone is a scumbag until Japan, then USA USA USA USA USA. If you disagree with me yous a damn liar.


The value for the Evo trip seems about right. Could be cheaper sharing with friends.

The average SA person’s salary could be R4000 a month, but I doubt the average SA person would have a rig capable of playing the games played at EVO. To the average SA person, anyone who has a flat-screen and a console is rich.

The guys who are going up to Vegas are doing us all a huge FAVOR for just being there.
They are exposing our country to the US/worldwide gaming community, at their own cost.
At this point their talent is irrelevant anyway. I’d just be happy with them being nice people, with a sense of community. You know, like folks who could communicate with the outside world and show South Africans as they really are.

Being South African doesn’t make us “special” in any way. No-one needs to give us any attention bro. It’s up to us to make our own.

…and what this man said.


Could you reform this sentence? I have no clue what the fuck you just said.