No PS3 to 360 converters?

I found one that goes the other way around. I know about Cthulu but I didn’t want to drop more cash on fightan’ at this moment. Any less expensive alternatives? Using the HFS3 if it matters.

None that are good.

ok link to one that is whack please?

You can search yourself you know ._.

Wow, that converter is mad expensive. I don’t even wanna know how much the shipping is. Is it really that whack? 'Cause it’d be really convenient but for that price I might as well install a cthulu, lol.

Or just buy the 2 360 controllers.

wow, really expensive. oh well, wish there was a good converter. Cthulu doesn’t work PS3 to 360 right? I was reading the Cthulu faq. That’s some mad security.

So, my only option, if I want a controller that works on PS3 and 360 is to put the guts of a 360 controller in my stick? I looked at the pad hacking thread from the sticky but I’m not sure what kind of wiring I’d have to do to mantain function for both ps3 and 360

Yes, you’ll have to dual mod with a 360 controller PCB. Unfortunately the HFS3 doesn’t have a lot of space inside, so it would be pretty cramped, not to mention you’ll have to do a bunch of soldering and such since there’s no QDs on the buttons or joystick.