No Raiden users? Huh

I think Raiden is a great character so, if anyone knows any Raiden combos, post away!

I like Raiden, but I suck with him. Only thing I do is tick-n-throw. The one combo I know that’s worth a crap is: up close MP, Raiden combination, headbutt xx lv3 spit super (I don’t even know the move names lol!). Do you know any combos and strats with him?


hey man, he’s pretty good
you can combo with that lvl 3 superflame of his after that move where you do a reverse dragon punch and quarter circle away punch.

he’s charge is great against fireballs if time correctly and that bellyflop is hard to defend or counter and is an execellent crossover.

now that igivin you some support can you help me with a query?

uhh… oops
sorry, you already know that combo.
maybe he’s not a comboin’ kind of guy but has some prtty good pecial move priorities. Look a zangief he has limited combos but is a force to be recond with.

Anyone have any good counters to blocked blanka ball attacks.
I’m just stuck if I block. I’m ok in the air because of d/f fierce’s insane priority and if I shoulder charge correctly I’m ok but if I block I’m stuck doing nothing.
Any tips would be great.


raiden can be dangerous if ur good wit him. . . one combo i like (which killed athean wit full life) was:

[match begins] mp tackle, jump to other side of body then jump to other side agen wit bellyflop, c.lp, c.lp, raiden combination, (60 or 70 pt dizzy chars should be dizzy after that, bellyflop, c.lp, c.lp, raiden combination, yoga flame super

i forget wat vid its on.

if u can anticipate it or block it, u can counter wit drop kick. . . i believe it comes out enuff to counter de ball

i’m gonna bust out K Raiden this year at ECC hope i do good with him and convince more people to pick him up :smiley:

Raiden rocks the brown hole! Well heres some shit i do with him: You can do his shoulder charge into lvl3 flame breath
c.lp c.lp into Crazy Train super (qcfx2 punch)
Green Mist (lp version) into lvl3 flame breath, Raiden Combination body blow, headbutt, lvl3 flame breath
another tactic i use is hit opponent early with then his grab super when you land.

He’s a really fun character when you can use him well. I like him in A, his custom is pretty powerful (8000) and it’s not that hard. It’s activate, c.RH or RDP+Jab, b-f+Jab, [b-f+Fierce] x6, flame breath super. His drop kick is pretty fast and good to punish things with. If you can RC his regular bad breath move, it’s decent anti air. A good custom to use when you’re near the corner is activate, b-f+Jab, then repeated bad breath.

To combo his combo move from c.Jab, do c.Jab, c.Jab (hold jab) then do the motion.

Whoa A groove Raiden! I’m a try that shit! Nice job Geekboy.

Just started with Raiden,What about some strats? wakeup? grooves? by the way fobio ukyo is the shit


Raiden I believe is best in A and K groove. You can activate after the RDP headbut move if you time it properly. Do the combination punch into the headup activate, then do another rdp punch and quickly cancel it into a weak shoulder tackle and you can take them into the corner with fierce tackles from there.

You can also use the RDP as an anti air custom if you cancel it like a 2 in1, or if you want you can also use the drop kick as an anti custom by holding two kicks charging then letting go to knock them out of the air then a weak tackle followed by HP tackles to the corner.

close to the corner you can also activate after a landed flame breath.

Learn to RC his 360 + K, its a good wake up but don’t use it too often or you may get thrown. RC drop kick is also very effective to learn to use.

more to come.

does cross up j.d+fierce,c.jabX2,c.short,Raiden Combination,Headbutt automatically dizzy? I think this might be part of his 100% dizzy combo.

my 2 cents here:
Raiden is only worth anything in K or P, because of his lack of decent anti-air or wakeup games. K or P really help cover up his anti-air problem. I play him in N-groove all the time, and curse my self any time someone is constantly attacking as i it there helppless. thats when i start to overuse the charge, and you get the idea. The best thing for you to do in the other grooves is use alot of jumping fierce, and try your best not to get swept or knocked down. if you do, it’s most likely game over for raiden against alot of characters.

no but it dizzys alot. It also depends on who your playing against, some characters can take more damage before being dizzied than others.

I have to agree with shinobi.
I am an avid Raiden user.

He can kill a chacter faster than any one else.

His Problem is that those who rush him down with jumping attacks KILL HIM…for free (no real consistant anti-air).

He is a fun character. He is one of my favorite…but if you are looking for consistant wins…for get about it.

P Groove Raiden is deadly, but I use him in K lately because I like to run with him instead of dash. I agree with the guy that mentioned Chikyuu on the Evo dvd. Inspiration indeed. I started using the suplex option in the Raiden combination and mixing it up with the headbutt. In corners it can be pretty confusing. My standing 720s are gettin a helluva lot better and of course 360s and 720s off of parries and just defends are second nature.

But I have a problem…poking. standing strong and crouching roundhouse only get me so far. Up close poking isn’t an issue, but does he have any good decent range pokes for getting close?

I use him in N. I find that his anti-air is ok. Not great, but not bad. The acid breath can stop someone if they’re jumping from far away and you see it coming with enough time. Also if you have a dash charged back, you can just do a jab or strong dash and the invincibility time will work so that the opponent’s attack misses but he then gets basted by your dash. Crouching fierce is ok, too, but it’s hard to time right and will get outprioritized. I’ve found that his standing fierce will actually deal with some air attacks, as well. Doesn’t look like it would, but it has for me. Not the most reliable, though. Of course, you can always just roll under an attack if you use a rolling groove and come out the other side with his 360 kick thing or a crazy train combo or something.

If you use the Tackle as an AA too much you’ll eventually get empty jumped and thrown or punished on block.

Another A-Groove is:

Near corner, do Raiden Combination, activate CC, FP, then MP Acid Breath until meter is almost gone, then Flame Breath Super. Good damage, and easy to set up!