No red focus needed



hm… not sure how new this is, a buffed stun (or faster recovery?) on the first kick of mk sobat… you can just regular lvl 2 focus mk sobat to ultra. i have yet to see any viable combo options with red focus. not sure how char specific this is, didnt do that much.

you basically can combo any button standing or crouching after the first hit of mk sobat, with the exception of

doing this exact combo (2bars): 423 dmg
doing this combo with red focus (3bars): 430 dmg


This was known since the PC mod was released months ago, but many thanks for the video.
I could see new players maybe not being aware of it.


Yeah no problem. I’ve been seeing a lot in the discussion boards about ppl using red focus after mk sobat, but with this buff and damage difference, it really is pointless to burn the extra bar.

#4 xx hk sobat RFA U2 is 450. Which combo is better depends on the situation.


Hi there!
I´m a german Dee Jay player, and I thought it was time to register here to contribute to the community.

I´ve been testing this thing out for some time, and it works on 100% of the cast, even the freakiest hitboxes out there will get hit if the spacing is correct.

The DMG you get does not differ that much. Here are a few examples:

st. mk st. mp xx mk sobat FA st mk st mp xx hk sobat is 366 DMG (2 bars)
st. mk st. mp xx hk sobat RFA st mk st mp xx hk sobat is 388 DMG (3 bars)

+22 DMG

another example:

st. mk st. mp xx mk sobat FA cr. mp xx hp MGU 357 DMG (2 bars)
st. mk st. mp xx hk sobat RFA cr. mp xx hp MGU 379 DMG (3 bars)

+22 DMG

or all 4 bars used in one combo

st. mk st. mp xx hk sobat RFA cr. mp xx EXMGU (no mash, with hk JM 2nd and 3rd hit midscreen*) 387 DMG

st. mk st. mp xx mk sobat FA st. mk st. mp xx mk sobat FA cr. lp cr. mp xx hp MGU is 387 DMG

  • where midscreen JM misses ALOT, at least for me, leaving you at 366 DMG, 370 with mash. A corner followup with 2x mk JM gives 410, corner only. Since I can´t get an Air Slasher to hit here I can´t say anything about the DMG it would do here. FULL U2 472 DMG (U2 solo).

-17 to +85 DMG, depending on follow-up

As far as I can see, you basically trade one EX bar for about 10-30 more DMG at maximum without U2, allowing you to squeeze a little bit of life off an opponent, but the damage reduction might not make it worth one extra bar. Besides, if you use all 4 bars in one combo, it makes no sense to use RF outside of the corner, as the DMG output is less than the 4 bar combo using mk sobat FA midscreen (except U2 yadda yadda).

Talking about cornered opponents; can anyone get cr. mp xx EX Air Slasher st. mk st. mp xx mk/hk sobat to work?
I always miss the st. mp, but I want to see how much potential a combo starting with an EX Slasher has, with RF or mk sobat FA in mind…


ive been trying to work on getting FA dash U1. thats where the damage is now.


Are you using RF or normal FA?


Normal when i can. Red if I can spare it and I REALLY need to make up more.