No regional events this year

We will not be holding regional events for Evo this year. We didn’t want to lead people on into thinking it might be a time relased announcement. We are bringing it back old school where you have to do all of the qualifying at Evo Vegas. Bring your A game.

Wait a min what about Evo North? Wasn’t that announced as a qualifier.

Damn That Sucks!


No quals this year. Oh damn, if this is it then I’ll be there to watch how pools play out!

I was wondering the same thing. :wonder:

Someone page Jetphi and dust off well… everything at The Break.

Whoa. This puts my money-gathering efforts on a whole new level.

I hope the evo2k site is changed to reflect this so people don’t get the wrong idea.

This makes me sad.

I guess no way outta pools for Min this time!


that’s disappointing. Evo is very far for some of us, and traveling to vegas is very expensive and time consuming (coming from Illinois). It may sound sappish to say it sucks to be knocked out round 1, but qualifiers allows for a more regional event, that doesn’t cost as much.

old school like cavemen hitting themselves with rocks…

does this mean that the only evo event will be at Vegas? or is it just that you dont need to qualify beforehand and theyre will still be events in different areas?

Considering EVO North was really just MidWest Championships

Final Round qualified 4 people and it’s still going on.

No word from ECC yet (the event Evo East replaced last year on the calendar)

Majors will still happen, as they always have.

No sponsorship money was given at those 3 qualifying events, only the “special” ones, Evo South and Evo West, held at SXSW and Comicon.

What the real question is… what is EVO, SRK, and DPP doing regarding sponsorship?

Are they going to just not be sponsored? Are they actively seeking new sponsorship? Perhaps they will look into sponsors that have more ties to what we do. Companies like Capcom, Namco, Nintendo, Sammy, et al. Hell, maybe even Sony of America since we’re mostly using PS3 and PS2 hardware.

Given the recent inroads between SRK and Capcom relations, I don’t think think is as far fetched as it was 3-5 years ago. Capcom would be smart to use this to promote STHD, and ESPECIALLY with SF4 on the horizon.

Less money to spend at least. I prefer Vegas any ways. Plus Final Round will be the biggest 3S tourney of the year before Vegas any ways.

man yall fuck up!!!

i hope to god you guys actually do SBO quals for east coast since theres no evo east.


yea wat this nigga said…