No regional events this year

Just because all of the qualifying is at Evo Vegas doesn’t mean you have to cancel all of the other tournaments.

that sucks cause i was gettin to like evo east


I guess it’s just money/time issues at this point. I didn’t even go to Evo East in 2k6 and I didn’t even qualify in East 2k7. I just used enough skill and luck to qualify in 2 games at Vegas. For me that felt a lot better than having already qualified at another event. It’s fun when everything is on the line and you find a way to qualify. I look forward to doing it again. Hopefully…

Besides…next year is a new year and I’m sure something epic will come by then.

what a ggac-like move :sad:

There about to be 3-4 different death bracket for mvc2 I can already sense it.

Will the tournament be how it was back in 05 (5 man round robin pools) or how it is now (8 double elim pools)? Or is that still being decided on?

idk get it though wasnt evo east suppose to be qualifiers for sbo’s sounds like this idea will screw alot of people outta that opportunity.

whos going to host it though?

the break eats dicks.

id be fine with a tga evo east/sbo quals i guess.

I don’t think its a bad idea. It’s hella Old School to do that and it also creates an atmosphere where you have to practice more in your local region–hopefully this will cause people to play more. I’m The Break might benefit from that. It all depends, kind of shocking to see this happen though.

I actually like this. I mean it’s less official majors for the Summer, but there won’t be any players making qualifiers when they shouldn’t lol. Also provides equal ground for those who can make Evo World but not any of the others.

Is ecc even going to happen this year? I’ve been to the past 9 ecc’s including evo east. That’s the main east coast major and my memorial day weekend has been locked up for nearly a decade. I hope I don’t have to say rip ecc :sad:

Andy of TGA said he wasn’t hosting SBO quals this year and Evo east is a no go since there is no more evo regionals

Dont worry I’ll be bringing the SNK to EVO North… :tup:

shit man

lol, it’s not Evo North anymore. That’s the point - it’s just Midwest Championships again.

I’ve been suspecting this might happen ever since I heard about Toyota leaving, and especially once HD Remix was announced. That game suddenly makes a lot more sense now, as well as Brawl…

are the prize pools still going to be the same now without Toyota?

I would guess not, particularly given how much else they’ve had to cut back on this year. Maybe they’ve got something up their sleeves, though!

And Rickstah, I would think they will stick with the double-elim pools. Gonna be mad pressed for time…

Name a bracket in MvC2 that isnt a death bracket.

Aww man thi is great, i was a lil worried about the tourney working with my schedule, but everything in vegas, thats perfect. Ill definately be there!

:(, was hoping to make it to Evo South, guess World is the only choice, though not sure, Florida to Vegas is pretty far and costly. It will heavily depend on gas prices or winning the lotto : /.