No response from stick on madcatz sf4 fightstick te


Anyone else had a problem with this? Been using the ps3 te stick of sf4 and ggx2 for almost a month now with no problems–today the stick just stopped working all together–the buttons work fine though. Very lame to see that $150 just crumple like that and so soon.

Sorry if this has been posted before, I searched around and couldn’t find anyone else talking about it.


Make sure it’s not set to RS.


Tell me exactly how you handled your Arcade Stick.
I want to know where you held it.
How you held it.


But you want something funny?
Sounds like you just accidentally touched the switch.
Which is why I want to know how you touch and placed down Stick.

Look at the Turbo section.
You see LS, DP, RS; set to DP.