No reward for beating Extreme Survival a second time?


I just completed Extreme Survival with Bison for the first time and I got nothing (no FM, no character level) as a reward. I had completed that mode before with Ken, but never with Bison. Is this supposed to be the case? What the hell is the use of this s*** mode if it won’t give me anything for a second character I beat it with? I don’t care about the Fight Money, but I thought that would be the fastest way to get my Bison to level 50 for the title. Is this a bug? If so, how can I let Capcom know about the issue?


Were you offline? You only get the rewards if your connected to the server when you completed it.


It is the fastest way to get to level 50 and yes it is a bug that should’ve been fixed already. Tweet Street Fighter V, @SFVserver.

It happened to me with Urien on normal. Did it again right after and it worked


I was online. I even had the Network Fight turned on and had it save me a few times. After a little digging up on the net, looks like this is a common bug that came with the latest patch. Apparently, sometimes you won’t get the rewards for beating any Survival mode. Yes, it happens on Easy, Normal and Hard, too. Easy and Normal are acceptable, but after fighting 100 tedious matches only to not be rewarded in the end, that’s another story.

I tweeted them. Hopefully, they’ll bother to give me my FM and character level that I rightfully deserved.


Whats the weekly challenge with the “Ken dress”? If this isn’t the right place…please point my where to plz! :sweat:


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