No SEARCH?!?!?!


I have looked at a lot of threads and I see HOW to soder a Xbox360 Pad as a PCB, but my issue is what would be the steps to gut a 15th Annv. NubyTech stick so that I could install all new Sanwa and Happ parts for a Wired 360 controller?
I know how to hook up the stick, buttons to each other but what I’m wondering is what are all the steps I need to do to get the stick and buttons to talk to the 360controller/PCB?
(I would have used the search, but it is out…)

Sorry to jack the forum with such a newb question, but I am new to this…:sweat:


try this with google:

HOW to soder a Xbox360 Pad as a PCB


Hey, I actually found another thread that seems to be exactly what I was looking for. My only issue now is do I want to go for some termination strips or go right off the PCB. I would like to do complete quick-connects but I’m thinking direct connects is the best way to go for my first scratch built.