No SF at all in EVO South America

I was amazed when I checked SRK main page and learned there would be a tourney in Brazil. I am sure someone must have made some fighting game tourney here before, but the fact is I have never heard of any. None of my friends have. So I checked the Brazilian website and there is was: the only games to be played will be SMBB and MvC2. No Super Turbo (or HD Remix, if they get it ready), not even Third Strike. I am disappointed to no end.

And no, I am not a good player, but I would go just to have fun. Well, things will not change, I guess, unless we get a community here for SF2 games, so if there is anyone willing to play some OG games, please contact me. Also, I may go to Buenos Aires at the end of the year, so if there is someone there interested in having fun with ST, HF, CE or something else, please leave a PM.

Go back to China.

maybe that’s why

Well, there is no community, or it is not cohesive. There is a rather large amount of people I know who do think those old games are amazing, but they ended up not playing due to lack of opportunities. One very important example, and quite hard to solve, is the quality and legitimacy of our arcade saloons.

Almost every arcade machine in my country is not legitimate. The machines one can find here are the ones people could crack, like CPS-1 and SNK games, for example. For the super SF2 games, it was not available, so most only played Super in SNES, and could not play ST much. Later, they got a way around the CPS-2 protection measures, and we started seeing SFA and those crossover games. This means many people in Brazil lost the chance of playing Super, and later, Super Turbo.

My complaint about the lack of a SF game in EVO South America is that we just lost a good chance of seeing possible good SF players. I do not care if they will not beat afrolegends, Choi or Watson if they get to US, and even less if they will take 50% life from Otochun or Gian, would they ever face them. I think it is a loser mentality to be afraid of losing bad. If that is as hard as it is, so be it, but they can get better and try to work on their weaknesses. I do not know if a world class South American player exists or will appear. All I know is he will, probably, never appear if we never organize any major tourneys for they to play.

Well I look forward to in about 2 years going to EVO South America to get people for SNK games…I know you all got this kick ass player named Buchecha for KOF2002…

World Class South Americans exist in SNK games…which is a project I am working on as we speak (startin with Mexico and working my way down!)

Apparently you didn’t bother to read a little more in the official website, full of information in portuguese. I’ll try to help you with some information.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 has several tourneys every year. Many Marvel vs Capcom 2 tourneys broke the 100 players barrier. The game had tourneys including players from 17 brazilian states competing and a few other countries as well. Those tourneys are usually well documented in dozens of Orkut communities (MySpace look alike which is really popular in Brazil), and in specialized fighting game forums such as or The 80 thousand visitors at the event Animefriends ( have witnessed tourneys for Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Super Smash Bros. Melee as well.

The game also has a strong showing in communities from the other south american countries, in forums such as FighterChile, MvC2Argentina and MvC2Peru.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl may have the biggest community in the website, which also has several tourneys every year. Melee had a tourney in the same event last year as well, with hundreds of players.

The organizers have limited resources and, as we say in portuguese on the website, it is our intent to have many other games in future events. However, to get a game into one of our events, complaining really doesn’t help much. The goals are the same as EVO, and strong communities that organize and attend to tourneys often have a better chance of a showing at the VERSUS tournament. The same team running VERSUS will run sveral other tourneys later this year to check each community is really capable of showing good attendance and which communities are only strong at complaining.

Some communities that have shown good develoment recently are the GG community (much props to the GGBR crew), the 3rd Strike community (props to the mgstreetfighter aliance, lead by Papito, a user that posts here) and the Soul Calibur community (props to the hard work of the Legiao). If you and your friends start to gather people from all around the country and/or South America to play ST tournaments the game will have a good shot too. It is in your hands - in the hands of the community. You are free to organize huge tournaments for SF if that’s what you like. That is what people have been doing for Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Super Smash Bros. for a few years, and we would be really glad to see the SF scene getting stronger here. 3rd Strike actually had nationals in 2006.

I am involved with the organization and I was actually the contact with our north american partners. I do not have time to answer to questions individually in forums, nor do most other organizers. That’s why we have the e-mail specifically to answer questions, and that’s why we gave a lot of information and we will release today a massive FAQ with every single question we faced so far answered.

I just found a little disturbing that you didn’t bother to contact us, to read our website in full, and also made a topic specifically to criticize our choice of games, which was very thoroughly explained in the official website. Personally, I would appreciate a little more support. We worked really hard to get this chance and you start the thread by saying that you will not come and that you basically don’t like the idea of the tournament. In the way I see it your thread could very well be title as “EVO South America sucks”. It’s like it would be better to have nothing at all.

You can also find more information about the brazilian community here: (includes a tourney on TV) and here:

and you don’t even need to leave to do that.

Please write to the official team at if you have any questions. You can write in english, spanish or of course portuguese.

I made a more informative and positive thread here at the Tournaments & Events section. I would appreciate it if a mod closes this thread and let just that one for discussion.

Here is the thread for the tournament:

No 3rd… :sad:

Regardless this is still a great opportunity for South American players and it will help to truly make Evo a world event.

Precisely, DevilJin. This 1st step is the most important, and our brazilian community is very proud to be part of EVO scenario this year along with our fellow americans and europeans.

I will be there at EVO SA, fighting my way to the Vegas spot, along with many other players from Brazil and even Argentina and Chile. This event’s going to rock! :slight_smile: Apparently only this oldschool_BR won’t be there. So sorry for him.

And to conclude, I’ll just sign under FighterBox’s post regarding the event and structure matters.

Except he didn’t say any of that. His post summed up: “I’m disappointed with the game selection. I’d like to organize a community of game players to get competitive and maybe get our games recognized down here.” Your response was an unnecessary thesis telling him to basically do what he’s already planning to do. Did you even read his post?

oldschool_BR … ahahahah
i’ll be there… come and beat me.
Come to Rio de Janeiro, So Paulo and Curitiba.

EVO SOUTH AMERICA - VERSUS the , best players in the continent showing their skills.

Maybe my English is failing me again. I understood the constructions " I am disappointed to no end" and " I WOULD go" as signs that he is not really happy and that he is not going to attend the tournament.

Either way, overall you are very right, and I am very sorry. I am very happy that OldSchool-BR is another player trying to make a difference.

The only thing is that, when he writes that there is no community or that the community is not cohesive, which he said word by word, that sounds a little demeaning to people like myself, who know how big the community is nowadays and how hard we fought to make it big, and to make it cohesive.

However, as I said, I am sorry, OldSchool-BR. I truly realize your pure intentions and I believe you will be happy to be more informed about everything that happened, is happening and will happen in the future for our community. I will send you a PM in portuguese with my personal details if you ever need to reach me to get or to provide help for events or anything regarding the south american fighting game community.

This Brazilian dude not native to our land or tongue has better english than a lot of people I know, myself included.

FighterBox2006, you clearly misunderstood the post, and took some things personally. Particularly, things that were not even there, as Adam Warlock posted. I can explain things better later (getting to the gym right now) and also send an e-mail to that address. There is not need to try and establish a post war here.

Sweet. We don’t need this sh*t around here.

Well, what can I say, dude?

Yeah! No SF at all. Did you still have any doubts? I think it is clear as cristal in the official website, but you maybe you disagree, you asked.

FighterBox, the major organizer, aka Carlos or FighterBro in Brazil, explained that we have limited resources. Understanding is better that bitching, plus, you had our contacts but don’t contacted, it were everywhere in the official website.

Anyway, ignoring the obvious that there is no SF at all, the best things that I cant tell you are:

-No CE, never ever. Stop dreaming. The same fits to WW or other excessively old games.

-We will not have STHD in time… and even if we could, there wouldn’t be enought time to test it.

-ST is a shot in the dark. Probably not enough ST players. As we had to select two games, process leaded by the EVO world organizers, we had to select the best two in number of attenders, professionalism of players, ability and success of previous events. He had plenty championships since 2004. None of them had ST, so it is a shot in the dark FOR THIS YEAR, maybe for the next.

-Regarding ability, one of the most respect players got raped for free at ggpo by a Arcana Heart Player, Arturo Sanchez, aka Sabin, 10-1, and lost his respect as soon as he started accusing others of macro usage, process that brought lots of unknown brazilians to SRK, joined 2008, to create flames. These are the brazilian ST players (I have to remember that this EVO is for South America). Unnecessary to say, but I will: Not even a little polite and professional attitude. You continue to prove this by starting this thread. Thank you, this makes things easier to answer: No, no SF at all, and guys like you makes things even harder.

-3S was a tough contender, and so was GG. Really, believe me. But, putting aside MVC2, the absolute best choice, SSBB is better than GG and 3S. There are some logistic issues for that too.

Well, that is it.

Try building a strong community for your favorite game, organize championships and prove you are worthy, show your ability. If you are not good enough, you can yet be, as everybody born capable of learning.

Don’t be sad.

Try to play and develop your ability in SF4, as it will be probably a stronger candidate for tournaments than ST, 3S or even HD Remix.

Well, the “question” (actually a complaint) was answered, but if you STILL have any doubts, consider e-mailing us. We will promptly help you in any question and, if you have complaints or compliments to say, you can do in the same e-mail address. Thank you very much for the attention.

PS: In case you still don’t have it, the e-mail is:

If you really want to have fun, you can still go. I assure you will have plenty.

Would any of you mind if in a year or two I came to EVO South America to Promote SNK games and Promote sponsoring some players to EVO World SNK 20-- sometime organizers?

You got to be kidding… Of course not! Keep in touch!

BTW, Buchecha was about to travel Peru this month to face the entire country’s TopPlayers, but money issues got him and I think he won’t go anymore, so sad.

I Love da Brazil!!!

Well I think eventually we can set something up at EVO World like…

Can you imagine…

Buchecha (BRA) vs. MAGO (JAP) in KOF 2002? :rock:

Or Buchecha (BRA) vs. Esteban (MEX) at EVO World on a big stage???

Man too good…this is the type of stuff I’m dreaming about setting up in the future…

So EVO South America gives ME a chance even to make EVO World SNK even BETTER than before by tapping into Mexico…tapping into Brazil…and hopefully more than that hoping more go to EVO SA…so I can get more players to come to EVO World for SNK!!!

The future is getting brighter thanks to this!

I just need to learn better Portuguese…:sweat: I know Spanish very well!

Hi Oldschool, you could send your contact to all of us and get to know the brazilian fighting games community, which seems you dont know yet, although it is a pretty big community.

In the Offline community we have 2 of the major webforums, among others, which are: Meia-Lua ( and Fighters (

Meia Lua is a webforum dedicated mostly to Marvel vs Capcom 2 and it is the most organized forum on the aspect of tourneys. From meia lua came the major fighting games championships we had here in brazil, and im talking about championships who were developed by the own community and not by companies or institutions. If you wanna know more the championships the names were Paran Showdown 2 (which you can check a television broadcast here [media=youtube]_N0C-QGlxpg[/media] , and the youtube video already has more then eleven hundred views) and the Anime Friends championship. In paran we have a strong community based on Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Capcom vs SNK 2 with bimestral ranbats between Londrina and Maring that already happened more than eleven times. For marvel vs capcom 2 in the state of sao paulo players travel at least twice a year and sometimes many more times. And Gabriel from curitiba has traveled more than once this year to face the top Sao Paulo competitors.

As for the illegal machines, i must be honest there is a lot of illegal and copied material here in brazil, but as for arcade machines you’re exagerating. At least on a state basis, most of the machines i encountered are total legit and original machines but i could say that nowadays every arcade has at least one mame cabinet which is obviously illegal.

And about the old school games and even new ones like 3rd strike that is another matter. To be hones the organized community for 3rd strike started to appear in the last 2 years and was pumped and hyped more by the guys from minas gerais and curitiba who started to take the game as they main game. Nowadays the thing that is REALLY, REALLY helping 3rd strike to improve is GGPO and 2DF and by improve i mean not only the level of the gameplay but also the number of players and organization. This applies also to ST and other games, we have a community but it is basically a ONLINE community.
Brazil is a very big country and road and airline travels costs a lot for players to travel so basically the ST community was a kaillera community which is becoming a 2DF and GGPO community and has no valid statement of its organization or level offline at this point whatsoever.

So, if you wanna know more players and even practice oldschool and new games, enter those forums, get some msns, log into ggpo and get more informations about our community before coming to a international forum to criticize a lot about something that, as you claim, you dont even know yet.

And for conclusion i’d like to say that the level of gameplay should not judge at all a level of participation of a community. Organization, love for the game, and a serious attitude before the aspects of friendship and building a face-to-face community is what matters. Every community should be judged by how it deals with the games and with the players, and not by the level of the players. Other thing that must be pointed out is that every community is fragmented, especially on our internet days where everyone can go, create a free webforum and call some friends to talk about anything.

Cheers everyone and oldschool, send me a pm with your msn, lets get some games.