No SF at all in EVO South America

More money for Jwong.

fixed. Even ChaCha knows.

Guys Im trying to think what would be the CHEAPEST way to go to Brazil from Texas…and Plane flights average about $1,000…

What about bus or train? (If I have a passport)

^^ My father in law took a motor bike from Uruguay to Texas. . .He made the trip with like 43 cents in his pocket.

Hey, FighterBox2006. FortKnox sent me a PM, with info for me to reach you.

I would like to crarify a few things. First, the sentence that has been quoted, that is, “Well, there is no community, or it is not cohesive,” is related to SF2 games. It is not an interest of mine and my friends’* to play games from the crossover series, or from SNK, or even from the Alpha series. Just a matter of taste, a belief of mine that those games offer great gameplay, with interesting mechanics, strategies, balance, and even graphics (but the vast majority of young people favor manga/anime over portrait/comics art, it is a hopeless task to try and argue that with people at this point, so I leave it outside the topic, and it is off-topic, anyway). Summarizing, I find SF2 to be great series and I love the games so much I feel I must show others just how great they are. I already got an Alpha series fan to play ST whenever we do not get enough players for Q3A/Pro-Mode. And I hope to get a few more fans of the original SF2 version to try and get better at ST also.

Inappropriate or false assumptions have been made, such as that I had not checked the EVO South America website or the Meia-Lua forum at all. And there seems to be an assumption that because effort has been spent on the project and those websites, criticism is not acceptable. I can see why it has happened, but this is really not reasonable. There was also a complaint that I was wrong by deciding not to attend the event because there would be no SF in it, which is also not appropriate.

I do understand that my cause is pretty much selfish: I want tourneys for the game I like. But it is not for no reason. With the exception of WW (I got no idea why azis came up with that game, it was probably just a flame bait, like a great deal of his post also was), SF2 is a superior game. It has more strategy, the difference between high and low tier characters is quite small and the players have more understanding of the games (I will get back to this later). But it is not flashy. You can not just decide, out of nowhere, that you will jump forward and start some long chain, get easy super combos out of hit-confirms, fire big and colorful beams of energy at the enemies or keep your enemy locked with some infinite combo for half a minute, with the guy being hit everywhere in the air and what not. There are reasons why I believe the games are worthy of practice and tournament play, even tough they do not attract masses of young gamers anymore.

Still, while the new generations have missed the games that, in practice, created, defined and refined what fighting games are, there are older people who are still willing to put their asses on the line and jump into a player vs player game. People around their thirties, with obligations and, often, family, who can not just travel 1000-2000 km to see any game competition, but may give it a try if it is about what they believe to be the true thing. It is unreasonable to request that I or other person attends EVO South America just for the sake of it, with the time and cost involved. It is not like getting to the arcade saloon that is on the other neighborhood. It is not that I want the event to be a failure, or that I would advocate for people not to go there. We can understand that the people in charge of the event did their best to bring EVO to South America, and I know organizing stuff is a hard and selfless task. But it does not mean everyone must agree and endorse every decision made. I am happy that EVO has given South American players a chance, and that someone had time and motivation to turn it into something real. It should not be considered something personal that someone decided not to cross the country to see it, tough.

As for the understand of the game I mention earlier, I mean that they see why some characters play differently than others, they know basic stuff like cr.forward following cr.strong and that makes a combo (I am positive at 90% of the SNK fans in my town have no idea of that, or that Chun, Vega and many others had similar links) and they find it interesting that one can not get reckless and jump forward all the time, or that one must not get desperate whenever they are cornered and wake up with a jab hadouken followed by another hadouken. It ends up getting easier to help them with the little knowledge I have.

I believe the ST community needs help. The crossover, Tekken and SNK games have many followers in my town, but SF, even the “newer” versions, is really lacking. They just do not have a place to practice, and are not aware of other SF fans who want to fight each other and SRK a few rusty players out of the air. I will contact the owner of an arcade saloon I, sometimes, go, and see if he can help me with a tourney.

Thanks. I have sent you a PM.


*in fact I wanted to learn and get my friends to play 3rd strike, but they refused, and as there is no arcade machine with it, I had to simply give up. I do prefer the SF2 ones, anyway.

there’s one big reason for ST not being in the roster: no ST tourneys were realized so far in Brazil. MVC2 and SSBM had nacionals, now for SSBB it will be big.
Personally, I like ST, I play it at GGPO and I would like it to be in EVO SA, but I know it is not reasonable to have it in this year.

Imagine what would happen a few years ago if some Halo player told Japan that US has no fighting game scene whatsoever. I would be way more pissed than those guys.

I find a little amusing that oldschool-BR made a long ass speech with extrapolations calling the message from azis a flame bait and at the same time declaring as an official statement that SF is a superior game. Try posting that as a FGD thread and see what happens. Personally, I think ANY SF2 is too simple and limited when compared to some other games, but thats an opinion, and it should be expressed like that.

That said, I love your continent, guys. I love your culture, I love your women, I love your match videos, I love azis, oldschool_BR and I love you all! Work together and you will have tourneys for every single game out there in a few years. Just don’t let your scene get too fragmented and you should be fine. Good luck and we may see you at Evo!

I already chatted with them and it is all sorted out.

This was at the beginning on the “long ass” post you have mentioned:

So I ended up forgetting, after reviewing that stuff a number of times and correcting the spelling and other things I wound find, to mention, yet again, that it was an opinion. Would you declare you have no problem with it, I can edit the post, get the sentence fixed, and delete this message.

As for extrapolations and whatever, the misunderstanding is now past, I am fine with those guys and, if you also have no problem with that, I consider it a closed discussion. If you want more details, I can send you a PM.