No Shirt, No Shoes, No Hetero, No Service


On a fundamental level I suppose you can argue that businesses should be allowed to determine who they do business with, but citing your religious views of someone’s sexuality to deny them service seems a bit too far.

The implications of this law seem to be even more distressing. What’s next? “It’s against my religion to serve your race/ethnicity/nationality/religion/profession/marital status/etc.”?

This may even create a society where minorities will be forced into ever tighter communities where they can find reliable service. I’m also curious how this will affect more serious services such as healthcare and access to food.

This is a terrible terrible precedent and I can only hope the inevitable lawsuits to follow will cause them to rethink this stance.



“We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”.


That doesn’t mean you can’t still get your ass sued.


It is already legal to refuse service based on sexual orientation in Arizona. Sexual orientation is not protected by public accomodation law.

This new legislation achieves nothing.


Under what grounds? I always love learning more on how to be a lawyer from random people on SRK.


businesses should be free to chhose to restrict their own revenue oppotunities and risk the reciprocal consumer response that reesults. This sets a dangerous precedent? Anything else sets a dangerous precedent.


Pretty much. I don’t know why it even needs to be a law. You can already discriminate.

There is a point where government does need to step in. Just not on something like this.

Also the funny thing about this religion rule, there are lots of religions, and while the practitioners of each of them in an area might agree they hate homosexuals, you won’t get them to agree to actually like each other and go to the same business. So when a business starts cutting off its potential clientele, usually it kills itself in short order. Especially business with low profit margins that are looking for volume.

As for businesses that are looking for a small number of specific clients, well those should always have pretty much free choice on who their clients are. It would be an unmitigated disaster if every solo practitioner accountant, lawyer, doctor etc. was forced to take every client that every demanded services from them. That would just completely kill those small businesses. And the big collections of those don’t ever care at all about something like that, so the individual client will always have options.


Considering people are generally assumed to be heterosexual until proven otherwise, how exactly do businesses plan on discriminating based on sexual orientation?



I was hoping that religion would shoot itself in the foot.

@Serpent Come to Texas and take my divorce case. We can set up a set of legal stairs and… you know the rest. :tup:



pretty shitty, but not surprising. arizona collects all the grumpy conservatives that california spits out

still I can’t imagine more than a couple restaurants in backwater towns putting up “no gays allowed” signs


How would you even know if someone is gay or not? Do they got gay metal detectors that I am unaware of?


They probably expect them to burst into flames if they walk into a holy place of businesses.


I hope every place that refuses to serve homosexuals puts up signs that indicate such. I feel like people of every orientation would be interested to know that before they decided if they wanted to eat there.


na here in Az we dont like anyone. We hate snow birds cause they drive like shit. We hate california cause they make the homes go in value. We dont like illegal immigrants cause they make crime go up and make other tax payers pay for them. Az just doesnt like anyone

whats funny though for some reason people from az and new mexico get along just fine


Sounds like you folks from AZ have a good reason for hating everyone. Now, why exactly do y’all hate gays?


Not too difficult, really. It’s all in how people conduct themselves in public.


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Nah, for the fatties its the smell and invasion of personal space when their revoulting masses of lard can’t fit on one seat in public transport/waiting rooms/ect.


well its their buisness. if I dont want to serve blacks, let me. if my religions beliefs lead me to believe that queerness is bad, let. so as long as im not taking other peoples rights so be it.

you dont have the right to come into my store, but you have the right to go to any other store that accepts you. however, I have to deal with the inevitable back lash from the community at large and deal with just as the person I discriminated against had to deal with it.

Howe this assumes to many ideal conditions, so its really not feasible. especially in a nation of man hitches and idiots who know little to no responsibility