No show partner for sfxt


What happens if your partner doesn’t show up?


I do not know the official rules but I doubt it will be anything other than a disqualification. Perhaps one can find someone else to partner with but I do not think that would fly.

Do they have to give I.D confirmation or something? One can just find someone else and claim he or she is their partner that signed up.


You wonder why you entered.


Yeah im starting to question that as well Deviljin, it makes it more weird when my partner was the one looking for a partner before i payed -_- plus this is my very first time at Evo so this is a very F**ked up experience.


You can still compete solo…you just can’t switch characters at any time.


Sorry to hear it yo. Unless your name is Infiltration.


So I am only allowed to play with 1 character since my partner is absent, i am not allowed to switch at all?


Pretty much…


Damn -_-