no sleep

i couldn’t think of what to do for the Okami art contest :crybaby:

so instead i opted to not sleep and pump out some sketches

blanka the onion man

the mastah fei long aka i suck at making cool backgrounds

honda in highlighter

the JLA guys

def diggin the 2nd and 4th pic

get some class.

Bland_Wolf, I think the JLA guys look rad. Who’s the guy to the right of Supe? Aquaman?

LMFAO! sorry guys. Taiwanesekid was just jokin and wanted to see what ppl would say if he made a super negative comment. he’s actually my roommate so i was there when he told me what he was posting. ^^; thanks for the comments tho fist and shu. it’s supposed to be Green Arrow. actually i didn’t realize i forgot Aquaman til after i finished coloring it.

oh okay… i just have little patience for that sorta thing. i take it back!

actually i took notice to the glove that he was wearing and was wondering why you were making it so apparent. but i couldn’t put the two together at the time. anyways keep em comin.

I got that it was Green arrow! Because of the beard, That’s too good!

The colouring on that thing is sexy too.

WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I love them! :smiley: Blanka, Fei and the Gang of peeps are really nice. Honda even reminds me of the color patterns in a miyazaki film :slight_smile:

Now sleep idiot.

GOOOOO! :smiley: Do that contest proud!

gotta love the blanka

thanks again for the comments everyone. ^^; been a while since i posted somethin. here’s a WIP of Gen Hoshino from the band SAKEROCK. you’ve prbly also seen him in the Akihabara@DEEP drama.

eh. i need to redo the face and arms. but i’m pretty happy with how it’s turnin out. course any c&cs are very welcome! :smiley:
edit: everything always looks so much better as a thumb -_-

Just smooth him out and keep with the same shading you’ve been doing. It is really starting to look amazing ^^

got a little irritated with how that last one is goin, so i ended up doin another painting in the mean time. Supercar in a shot from their Last Scene PV.

I like this. keep working on this one, it’s shaping up to be pretty good. Keep a close eye on the shadows and let them unify the piece :slight_smile:

thanks rook. unfortunately i started messing with it and ruined it all before you said anything >< i realized i’d been painting on the layer with the line work and ended up starting the painting over again. looking back on it i actually liked how it looked too. -_-

ah well. i’ll think of something i guess.

That blows. I’m sorry :frowning:

I hope you do pick it up again, like Rook suggested. You already know my opinion on it so I guess I’ll just stick to encouragement.

p.s. you’re talkin to me in the picture! XD I just noticed

From your screenshot, I would suggest to get rid of the history tab and extend the layers tab. Use lots of layers! I know it seems like you don’t need it sometimes but working with layers gives you a lot of flexibility. I make an action to create a new layer and map it to a function key. Every time you work on something new, make a new layer and paint on it. If you don’t like what you’ve done, you can delete it or make it darker, more saturated, whatever. Lets say you made a new layer to put the highlights on. When you’re done, you realize you went too far and it’s way too bright. Since you used a new layer, you can just lower the opacity a bit and it will blend into the layer below.

Aside from that I think the Gen Hoshino piece is getting there nicely. You should post an update so we can see what it looks like now. If painting on the lineart layer was the mistake, you can

-set the layer to multiply and make a new layer below
-fill in the white areas with the colors around it
-merge the two layers and set the layer mode back to normal

problem solved : )

thanks d-fist. i definitely need to get in the habit of setting different things to different layers. lol what happened was i prbly did something on the line art layer (which was mulitplied), went to a lower layer and started painting, then prbly went too far back in the history to before i switched layers. so when i started painting again i didn’t realize i was back on the lineart layer and just didn’t catch it. i have a tendency to do that sometimes ^^; so i’ll get back to work on it and post up what i’ve got.

We’re waaaaaaaiting…

-taps foot-

the wait is over. finally got around to finishing it. ^^;