no sleep

Hey this turned out pretty well! Nice colors on the shirt. The one thing that’s really bothering me is the color of the black tabs on the guitar (don’t know what they’re called) in relation to the background. It makes it looks like he has a really thin neck. Careful with how sharp you make the edges though, some edges should be softer when they are further back. In this picture I would make from sharpest to least: the neck/head of the guitar, the hand holding the guitar, the face, body, then the strumming hand. I did a quick mod with the blur tool just to illustrate this. Hope you don’t mind

ah. i see what you mean. ^^; i was actually thinking about blurring the picture a bit before posting, but not in the way you mention. thanks for the tips. much appreciated.

simple terry sketch. never enough snk love anymore.

<3 :slight_smile:

OMG Terry!!! I love that sketch I dun like Terry too much but I love the sketch it’s awesome
do u have a deviant?

here ya go :smiley:


great great stuff

I keep smiling like an idiot. Great drawings! :smiley:

original character named Lucky.

Looks like we wants to (8) Get Lucky ;D

"Gee-eez. You still are an ugly fella. How’s it been, huh?"
Dan “The Hellion” Smith from Killer7.

I love the gun shots @____@ and the blood… mmmm

“I’ve changed my make up. Did you notice?..ugh! Men… they never notice these kinds of things.”
“Barefoot” KAEDE Smith from Killer7

Kevin Smith from Killer7. doesn’t have a nickname… or quote… kinda mute
lol almost added a tv in the background with Jay and Silent Bob or something. just for kicks.