No SSF IV video thread?


Like the subject said: Is there no SSF IV video thread in the general forum. I know the character specific forums have them, but not the general one? At least I looked and couldn’t find any. I wanted to post a video I made…so I guess I should put it here? I apologize in advance if this is not the place to put it. I searched for alternatives. Anyway…

I just got a brand new camera with HD recording. So I put together a video of some of my online adventures featuring my scrubby Cammy among others. Like the Youtube description says: since I don’t really have a lot of skill I mainly focus on the dumb and stupid stuff I did or encountered online. It’s one of my first videos that has some editing. Haven’t found any good unlicensed music to go with it. I wanted to use the Benny Hill theme, but I’m afraid Youtube might flag it.

And still trying to figure out what makes a good and entertaining video. Comments on how to improve the viewing pleasure are appreciated. Hope you enjoy!