No sticky for best emulator(s)?

I would like to know some of the best emulators for PGM games (like martial masters) and of course SNK/Capcom. I know MAME used to do an ok job, but this was like 5+ years ago.

Thanks for helping me get caught back up. Happy New Year’s!

Mame is pretty nice by itself…assuming your stuff works with it. They update the crap out of stuff so often, that a game collection that functioned perfectly on a year old mame version, likely won’t work at all on today’s release.

Thats my only mame gripe otherwise, oh, and lack of pretty filters and savestates.

Kawaks is pretty good for any and all CPS1, CPS2, and Neo geo games. I love the controller config menu, makes it easy and simple to set everything, as well as a lot of other nice options such as filters to improve the looks of older games. As for CPS3, Final burn alpha is nice. Especially on a low-power system.

Edit: Oh and pretty sure Final Burn alpha does PGM games well too.