No Story Mode or Ending movies in Tekken 6?


I picked the PS3 version of Tekken 6 early last night in Chinatown Manhattan. I’ve been playing the game and notice there’s no endings for the characters in arcade mode or is there a story mode to get endings for each character. Did Namco take out the story mode and character endings last minute or do you have to unlock it somehow? What gives? Also sucks we can’t play online till Tuesday.


im glad there arent any tekken 6 threads to ask this question in


I’ve heard that character story modes are hidden away in some arena in SC mode.

But yeah there is a Tekken board for this sort of thing. (Scroll down)


there in there


you get them in scenario campaign


Play the first two or three stages of Scenario Campaign, then you will unlock an Arena. The arena is a short 4-stage arcade mode (random random jin azazel) with an ending at the end.

You can only fight in the arena with characters you’ve unlocked in Scenario Campaign (you’ll only have… 5 unlocked by the time you get the arena, only one of which you get to choose), so it’ll take a while to see all the endings you want to see.


Feng has the most ridiculous ending ever:


:lol: Tekken endings have always been ridiculous, man. Almost retarded at times, but usually funny.


I don’t get teh funny.


Hehachi does the right thing to a certain annoying assassin in Jin’s ending.


What’s Feng doing in the volcano stage from SFIV?:rofl:



Tekken hasn’t made any sense for a while now. It’s too bad, it was a great series till 4 was released. Then went downhill, but then again SF has always been the more dominate series in the fighting genre.