No Street Fighter Comics for me or what?

Sereiously, none of our bookstores have gotten copies for Street Fighter Comics.

I live in Saudi Arabia and I am one of the best Street Fighter fans out there. I collect every single thing related to Street Fighter. I’ve also got the limited edition for both Hyper Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. So, What is missing now in my collection is Street Fighter Comics.

Please, if anyone knows where to buy those comics online, then be kind and tell me. Keep in mind that Paypal is not supported in Saudi Arabia.

Thanks. :pleased:


The HeroFix site is actually all PayPal based but if you ask the seller he’ll probably be able to sort something out for you, he’s always been able to help me out for the variants I’ve had difficulties getting.

I sent HeroFix a message a month ago and I still haven’t got the answer.

Talk to he has/can get pretty much anything and ships anywhere. You can use credit cards, money orders, if those are your prefered types of payments.

Finally, someone helpfull came out to help me. Now, it’s time for me to order lots of copies of these comics for me and for my friends.

Thanks Apathy.You’r the man :tup:

See, that is why we all hang out here at SRK!

Ok, now that was a damn good link there. Thank you very much Apathy, been looking for something like that.

Also, what’s the “CAPCOM SUMMER SPECIAL 2004 SAN DIEGO” thing about? Is that like issue -1 or something?

Capcom Summer Special was a collection of 3 short stories from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Rival Schools. It was only available at the San Diego, Chicago, and Canadian comic cons (each with their own unique cover art).

I like how you grouped all of Canada together there LOL :clap: , it was only Toronto

Sorry, I wasn’t sure. Hehe. Wasn’t it called the Canadian Comic Con?

Actually it was… I take back what I said. Techincally, it was called the Canadian National Comic Expo, but it’s not like it’s the only con in Canada, it’s just the biggest.

Awesome, I can get the Capcom Summer Special without having to rely on ebay! Thanks for the link

wow that place even has the Street Fighter Anniversary cover by ARN.

That’s a special rare cover that’s not for retail created for Capcom. Well it’s not supposed to be for retail, but a lot of retailers got a hold of it and jacked up the price cuz it’s super rare.

i almost shit my pants when i saw that they had the all-cast poster and was ready to buy it…but they’re out of stock!!!
anyone know where i can get one?

In case anyone here wants to look for back issues from any publisher, check this place out: