No time for SF4, TE stick for sale

With moving and school about to take over my life I won’t have time for any competitive gaming. So I am selling my TE stick if anyone is interested in buying. It’s packed up with my custom artwork and acrylic panel with 360 labels engraved for the buttons from Art.

It’s currently back in it’s original box with the original panel. There are two screws that are stripped so I can’t change the panels for you.

Will take the best offer.

I’ll see everyone around gameworks here and there :slight_smile:

hmmmmm 75

Best of luck. Don’t be a stranger.

Yes good luck Dave, I’d cop but yea I’m rill poooor

$75 high bidder, going once?

Will sell at end if this week if no one can beat that offer :slight_smile:

sent you a PM…

Sold to happystick!

damn must of been a good offer… lol