No Time to Die (April 2, 2021) Official Thread

Hmm Blofeld to return to the franchise? cool

Monica Bellucci… Skeet skeet…

Hype. Hopefully it’s as gdlk as Skyfall.

I cannot describe in words my excitement for this. Then again, I guess that’s true of any Bond announcement, but especially with SPECTER coming back.

BRB guys going to see some Bond flicks!

Bellucci, and Seydoux… don’t think I haven’t noticed that the Craig series of Bond girls have starred in some of the raciest damn near porn movies of the past 20-ish years. But anyway that’s a sharp cast.

I’m ok with Bellucci instead of my baby Penelope Cruz. So i guess quantum was really SPECTRE? In any case, mad hype from me.

Been waiting WAY too long for spectre to show up again. Kinda figured back when they rebooted, that Spectre was behind everything.

Damn, Skyfall was too real, this shit with Spectre gonna be real real. Can’t wait!

I still haven’t seen Skyfall and it’s sitting there on Netflix.

I loved Casino Royale and Quatum of Solace though. Daniel Craig’s Bond movies have been the only one’s that I’ve been hype for.

Monica Bellucci may have aged, but she can still get it.

It would be cool if she was the villainess, it would make for a nice change of pace and she could play a very convincing one.

Monica Bellucci will never age. Even after she dies, I would dig her up years after her burial and still rock them bones!

Dont hate on me for this but as much as I laugh at this guys acting chops, he would be a perfect Blofield.

In the books, well at the start this dude is describe as 6’4 300lbs of pure muscle that doesnt give a fuck about nothing, doesnt fuck dudes or bitches just single minded about doing buissness and taking over.

So Bautista cant act, doesnt need too but defo looks the part and can easily play the big bad against Daniel Craig, who isnt exactly the smallest dude in the world.

Either way am super hyped for this, finally Bond is taking on a worthy nemesis.

I might get flamed for this but, I honestly never understood the hype for Monica Bellucci from americans. Isn’t she like, a god-awful actress? I’m italian, and it’s almost cringeworthy how bad she acts in her native language, don’t know if she’s any better in english. She’s pretty good looking I guess… but even then, I think she’s highly overrated in that regard too.

Mad hype for this though. Skyfall was good.

she exudes class and has 10/10 looks, nobody would care tbh if she couldnt act or even if she was the best actress in the world. Dem tits son!

I remember first seeing her in Brotherhood of the Wolf, they made her chebs out to be like mountains and everything.

He thinks we admire Monica Bellucci for her acting abilities.

The important question, is who will play Blofeld’s cat?

Okay lets start a list of potential artist that would do the theme song that we don’t want to do the theme song…

Kanye West
This year’s X-Factor contestants

Hoping for another rock theme although I was a sucker for Adeles Skyfall last time.

Damnit Furious now am thinking that some x factor piece of shit will do new theme :frowning:

Christoph Waltz would make an amazing Blofeld.

Ten bucks on Lorde

How many villains is this going to have? Batista, Christopher Waltz who else?