No Ultra on Aussie PSN, do international accounts work?


So have any other Australians tried creating a UK or US account to download the ultra expansion and did it work? If so, is your SFIV disc Australian or imported?


A desperate australian.


Ultra works no matter what region your disc is on PS3.


Not necessarily, I have a Hong Kong disc, but it didn’t work with Australian dlc for AE. I had to buy the game again. UK will probably work, but what’s the point if you can only play against laggy people from that region? Unless you can change your region back to Australia, it’s not worth it and I doubt that’s possible. Also, most aussies won’t be clever (or silly) enough to try it. So you’ll still have to wait until August for the Australian SF community for games


Thanks guys, I have Ultra!! Uk disc I already had, with a UK account download of ultra and I am now playing Ultra on playstation in australia :slight_smile:


Weird. Hong Kong discs work with US Ultra DLC.


All you have to do is sign into the game with your normal Australian account, the australia region in matchmaking works fine. Best part is there’s lots of aussies playing online that did the same thing!!


Thanks for the info, so did the U.S DLC work with an Australian disk. I didn’t think it would.