No Vortex?

So, I have just learned that you can ALWAYS roll after a knockdown, even if it was caused by something that, in previous installments of street fighter, would cause an untechable knockdown. So, if Akuma has been robbed of this tool to start up his vortex, how should he then be played in this game?

Thought this was an Ibuki topic. Was going to comment that you kids were going to actually have to learn how to play the game, but this is Akuma talk.

Carry on.

The vortex is gone. Forget about it, move on.

Akuma is back to being what he used to be - a zoning character who can rush down if needs be. He controls the field without question with Zanku, AND he has fully invincible DPs (MP and HP are invincible all through startup). He shuts down options if he has two bars. You can’t jump, you can’t Hadouken, else you’ll have an incoming Misogi on reaction.

no autopilot gaming this time

Equip auto tech gem and just zone with Air fireballs and sweep

Your welcome

Assist gems are for noobs. end of story…

Ah I am built on 3S Akuma anyhow :wink: , I never got into 4, but I liked watching people being “vortexed” to death

The vortex is still in this game. LOL ! Its anything leading to an untechable knockdown. Since sweep is the main game of the vortex just bait the forward roll. Other than that rinse and repeat sparingly. He is top tier in this game for a reason. So about no vortex is false. I apply vortex in this game like crazy. It works. Remember that forward roll can be OS to tatsu or demon flip. Online just sux so I rage about it and send hate mail on things I know I can beat. But otherwise everyone is a good player.

He still has a fairly strong knockdown game, but it’s not a vortex. It wasn’t really a vortex in SF4 since it ended up being more of a safe pressure/conditioning game rather than random reseting 50/50s everywhere.

Like any other character, you have to water down some of your pressure to account for forward roll, but you can still get some mix-ups in.

rolls seem to kill his vortex but i’ve only seen akuma use vortexes in the sf4 series. not sure about alpha but i know for sure he didn’t in sf3. besides, DFK is absolute ass in it’s angle and hit/block stun. it seems to beat a lot of reversals but other than that it leads to low damage output and is a lot harder to confirm from since it pushes the opponent backwards.
he’s got some good combos that work in and near the corner and his cross-up tatsu works pretty good and leads to decent damage. i think there’s still a lot more mixups and combos to be discovered with him.

What do you mean, “wasn’t really a vortex”? The term came about BECAUSE of Akuma’s oki game.

Didn’t the term “vortex” come from Marvel 2?