"No way outta that one but straight down!" SF4 Arcade Infinity -- RanBat 2.5 -- 8/15


Welcome back everyone!

I do believe evo burned us all out for a bit, but lets get back on the machines and get ready for WCW.

You know the regulars

When? SATURDAY AUGUST 15th sign ups @ 1 Starting @ 2pm
Let’s see how this works out :3

Who? EVERYONE come play the best in SF4 right in your socal home

Rules: Standard 2/3 Rounds (losers is Single Game till top 8) LF, WF and GF will stay 2/3
Double Elimination - If you are unsure how Double elim works read up on this

Cuz i usually see confused faces when the person from losers bracket in grand finals has to win the same set twice.

$4 Entry Fee +$1 towards Big pot that goes toward the winners of the most points at the end of the season

I wont scam you like dizelan dont worry, i love you all too much <3 :annoy:

Points as of 2.4

[]16 - Keno
]15 - Edma
[]13 - Jack
]12 - Kai
[]9 - Viscant
]9 - Mike Ross
[]7 - Ronstoppable
]7 - Ironfist


Crap, I already have plans for the day time… I’ll stop by during the night though.


saturday tournaments

the beginning of a new adventure!


fei long wont be there :P!! but been working on an arcade char and ill see what i got XD!


Shoo is my hero!!!


oh shoo you too sweet!


Arg, wanted to attend the next Ranbat but I’ll be at Gencon Indy.

Next time, next time.


Good shit.


Oh shit dude, I’m so down~




bring it motherfuckers!


I’m down…bring a snickers potato head


Yayyyy another ranbat, finally! I’ll be there.


Straight death? Really? I thought it was straight down.

I regret that I didn’t know this : (


Aren’t you “RETIRED” From tourneys? :rolleyes:


Damnit, I’m working overtime that day.


Good luck to those who go!


We’re actually going to Saturday on this one? Dammit, the one time Sunday would have worked out better than Saturday =(

–Jay Snyder


Damnit, Sunday would’ve worked better for me too. Oh well. I’ll try to stay as long as I can





hmm this sounds fun. Im down ;]