No way to block low with round or octo gate on Japanese sticks?

Okay. I need to know what the issue is, is it inherent or because I’m using a stock SE stick?

With a round AND octogonal gate, diagonal/down blocking, and doing QCB motions just DONT work. No hurricane kick in any game, even SSFIV. Marvel/A1/A2 recovery rolls are also impossible. TKAHVB’s, Mags, ect, PERFECT.

I see that the problem is that with the gates, both microswitches aren’t getting touched/clicked at diagonal. You have to move the stick slightly, then you hear the click, and your guy can now block. This problem is non existent with the stock gate.

I’ve heard this complained about before, AND my buddy also tried the same thing with the same results.

I even tried wrapping part of the stick where it touches the switches in tape, so it would be fatter, and touch both switches sooner, but it doesn’t work. If you wrap too much, the MS’s stay engaged, and there seems to be no middle ground on that. It’s either too much, or not enough.

I customized my sticks look, so I don’t wanna sell it, but it’s sure as hell useless to me. It HAS to be round for me to even consider it.

If a different stick wont solve this problem, then it’s for sale. I’d like to know this issue BEFORE I buy a Sanwa/Seimitsu stick, for it to be exactly the same. What can I expect for this:

Hate to see it go, but also tired of looking at it, collecting dust.

The stock stick wasn’t designed to have a restrictor. Bite the bullet and put a real JLF or LS-32 inside, you won’t regret it.

Yea, its not that big of a bullet either, new stick and shipping is like 17 bucks USD… your problem reminds me of playing any capcom fighting game on the psp… get a new stick and get back in the action

I don’t see how not. Sanwa restrictors fit just perfect.

But is the diagonal issue solved by a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick with a round restrictor? Does Seimitsu even have a round restrictor?

near the bottom of the page, but yes, the LS-32 has a circle gate.

This was such a huge problem when I first got my SE stick when it came out, even though I didn’t touch anything in the stick I would always have to confirm that I am blocking low by putting the stick in position a second time.
You could try to solve the problem with another gate but facts are facts, Madcatz used inferior stick and buttons for the SE model, get a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick and save yourself the trouble and frustration.

After I swapped the stock parts outta my SE stick, everything felt pretty arcade standard except the SE stick is light as hell which I eventually sold later for a bigger heavier stick.

Okay. So which is stiffer out of the JLF and LS-32? And is it ONLY the SE stock that has problem with diagonals and round gates? You don’t have to hunt for diagonal with Sei/San on a round restrictor?

Cause if they all inherently have the same problem, I have no reason to order one.

As soon as I get confirmation, I’ll order. Lizard lick was fast with my buttons and balltop, I’d have my stick done by Friday possibly.

Just remember, I’m not questioning if the Sei/San is better, thats a given.

LS-32 is slightly stiffer.

Are you using a Custom Circle Restrictor?
Because JLF do not have Circle except for Custom, and stock SE is clone of JLF.

Circle on JLF have been shown to have problems by M K L and kowal.
No problem for Circle on Seimitsu LS-32(-01), because there exist Circle for it.

I was trying to find a post with images showing the throws using various gates, but I couldn’t find it. That was as close as I can get. But even still, you’re looking at decent throws and accuracy on hitting diagonals.

I haven’t messed with the circle gate on the LS-32, But I honestly have zero problems finding diagonals on mine. It might be different, someone has probably installed an LS-32 like this and can answer it better.

if you must have circular restrictor, buy an ls-32, also get a spare spring from a ls-33 in case that you want extra stiffness (combining the stock spring with the extra one, at least I don’t like it but a friend found it great)

Okay. I need to know what the issue is, is it inherent or because I’m using a stock SE stick?

This is your EXACT Problem, A Sanwa would fit perfect without a problem and it has a octo gate also if you got a octo gate with your SE Default Stick It will fit on the sanwa drop in replacement for MadCatz SE You can buy it on

JLF-TP-8T, You can use your balltop from your current stick

Yes the circle is custom, but the octo is a Sanwa GT-Y. It has the same problem.

So, it seems like a circle LS-32 is the way to go. I’m trying to make it as “American” as possible, hence, my removal of the first 2 buttons. That’s what I played on in the day. I can barely do a Hadoken on square crap, forget playing Marvel or Super Turbo.

Shopping cart should have what?;
LS-32(the $20 or the $25?)
Extra LS-33 spring
LS-32 circle gate
New dust washer???

I suggest an LS-56-01 with a bat top and octo gate if you are going for an American-like feel in a Japanese stick. The LS-56 is stiffer and the octo gate and bat top work well with it. The LS-32 is a good stick, but it is definitely very “Japanese” in feel and IMO the circle gate does not work well with it for fighting games. If you’ve used a Happ Super in fighting games before, it is similar in that the diagonals require more precision to hit than usual, which can mess up blocking. The LS-56+octo+bat combo feels closer to a Happ Competition without the diagonals issue.

That said, it is definitely different in feel from a Happ Comp, it’s just closer to a Japanese take on it. You may or may not hate the octo gate compared to the smoother circle of the Happ, but it feels a lot better than the JLF octo to me.

Edit: Forgot to mention that you need the Seimitsu MS mounting plate to get it installed in an SE/TE/HRAP.

IMO as a former US stick player the LS-56 with octo gate felt as far from a US stick than any other stick i’ve ever used.
The throw and engage are way too short and the gate is too notchy. If you’re using your whole wrist as you would with a HAPP or iL you’ll be hitting all random directions while at the same time not feeling like you’re moving anywhere. I feel the appeal of a US stick is the large throws and resistance, which the LS-56 doesnt come close to at all.

I don’t really find the throw very long on Happ Comps, and the engage distance is pretty short. The LS-56 with a bat top is probably tighter than a real Comp stick. I have a lot of experience with Happs also. It’s definitely not the same, but the JLF and LS-32 feel even more different to me.

Not trying to contradict FunkyP, just putting in info in case it helps. Joystick feel can be pretty subjective; you pretty much have to try it out yourself to see if it works for you, since picking by specs doesn’t necessarily get you what you really need.

Personally I found the LS-56 too tight for fighting games and use a JLF for almost everything now.

LS-56 feels way stiffer than a IL Eurostick as you just use your wrist with jap sticks while with american sticks you use your whole arm.

Please don’t blame the gate.
It’s yourself
the stick

I had the same problem, only with the (PS3) Standard Edition Fightstick stock. Facing right, QCBs would not work at all how they would on my 360 sticks. I don’t know if it’s the stick or the restrictor, but if you went so far as to put Seimitsu parts in there, get yourself a LS-32-01 and a circular restrictor. I’ve never used the circular on the Seimitsu sticks, but I very much like the LS-32-01 (installing it on the SE is kind of a pain in the butt).

The stick doesn’t have to feel exactly like a HAPP. I just want it perfectly round, stiffer than a stock SE and to be able to block. I know I’m keeping balltop for looks.

Ignorance. It’s the GATE causing the STICK to not touch both microswitches on a diagonal press.

LS56 doesnt have a circle gate?