No Wireless Controllers?


Does this mean I cannot use my official dualshock 3 -with- usb attatched? (the one that came with the PS3) Now that I know I can get to EVO, I would like to play KOF13 and this is something I have been worried about… thanks in advance guys…


Yeah I think it’s banned. Players who forget to sync their controller into a new station can interfere with matches from the previous station, sending the previously played PS3 to the “Home” menu. Since there are too many ways that might/could/purposely happen, the staff banned the controller entirely.


If you really need a DualShock 3, there’s a mod to make it wireless. This means that you can never ever use it wireless again though.


If you’re entering the official KOF touney, you might want to pick up a PS2 Dualshock 2 controller and a PS2-to-PS3 converter. That should be fine, I think. - Pretty good converter.


And here I was, hoping to see someone rocking the Ultimate Controller(PS Vita) for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 this year for EVO…

actually, are they even eligible? I never looked into the feature despite owning a Vita so I wouldn’t know.


Can I use my logitech steering wheel and down shift my way to victory?

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It’s wired, so you should be able to rock xxx/Double’s Butt for the win.


You mean a mod to make it wired, right? Would a mod like that be available at EVO, or do we need to do something about that outside of it?

I want to use my Dualshock 3 since that’s the controller I’ve been using ever since I started playing Marvel. Even using a Dualshock 2 will feel weird due to the L2/R2 buttons being different.


There will be modders at EVO…there’s always modders at EVO.
Have to look for them.
I think Toodles will be at EVO this year.


The Dualshock 3 and other wireless controllers like it are completely banned, even if you use the USB cable and even if you mod it.
I recommend getting a PS2 controller (of any kind) and a PS2-to-PS3 converter box. See you at EVO!


Really? Man, that sucks. =/

Well, what’s the best kind of converter out there for doing PS2-to-PS3?


You can use a MadCatz wireless pad, that comes with a USB dongle. That is the only exception.

Grab the Xtokki PS2 -> 360 converter too while you’re at it; it’s the only good one that’s still in production, and it’ll save you some money on shipping to get them both at once.


I already got a good PS3-to-360 converter. I’ll be sure to pick up this one, though. Thanks a lot!


Wait, PS3 to 360? Link please, I’ve never seen one!

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As far as I know, it’s not being sold anymore. Or at the very least, it’s extremely hard to find one now.

Look up the PS3-to-360 Controller Converter Pro.


That’s the Blaze converter, right? I tried for ages to find one of those before I gave up and got converters for my PS1 Namco stick instead.


Any mod to make it non wireless would require that you disable the blutooth transmitter on the pad. Simply removing the battery will not prevent it from attempting to sync with the last console it was connected to there fore making it interrupt the match. There is no simple way for a layperson judge to determine that your PS3 controller has been properly modded, nor would I expect that the majority of pad players would understand if they actually did the mod properly, and just incorrectly think because they removed the battery it would be adequate to prevent interrupted matches.

Best advice is to suck it up and adapt to a ps2 pad with convertor. A month should be plenty of time to adjust.

Just FYI the end of this video is why it is banned.


damn I for sure could use something like that. All I have is this pc converter joybox that will allow ps2/saturn/dc to play on ps3.