No Xbox/PS? Just SRK?

For the past 3 weeks I have been without my Xbox, and that means no gaming at home! My friends are all busy at the wrong times and I barely get to play fighters anymore. I know I will eventually get another Xbox/PS and be able to play more again. That will be the time my friends stop being so busy and want to play all the time again… SO ITS JUST SRK FOR ME, AT LEAST FOR A WHILE :bluu:

Where are my fellow sufferers? Reveal yourselves!!!

(Anybody want to get rid of a Xbox 360 for free? Haha :looney:

cool story bro

I am the only one… damn… what a fool I am :sweat:

This little thing called GGPO and 2DF when combined with the internet makes for some good results.

Besides…SRK is better than your friends anyway.:coffee:

Run away, little gazelle. v:smile:v

Particularly, 2DF has better results because of more sword action (and also because GGPO uses outdated version of nFBA that supports only 1 button shortcut at a time)

Yes, now relieve yourself of that Jimi Hendrix av as you obviously don’t deserve to wear it, you tarnish his legacy… tarnish it :mad:

man go get some pussy:clapdos:

I second the GGPO/2DF advice. It might not be SF4, but it’s something.

If all else fails, go out and watch a movie or something. :chat:

My Live account stopped working about 3 weeks ago and XBL’s tech support is too stupid to fix what appears to be a simple problem. I get a call every 3-4 days saying that the problem is being investigated (they’ve done nothing) and they’ll call again in a few days.

Feels bad bro.

+1 for 2DF, always easy to get a great match of 3S in.

Play this.

Pretty damn in depth for a flash game.

Unfortunately, depth does not prevent

cr.LK, st.LP, (walk forward, st.LP) xN

from being an infinite for most of the cast :rofl:

Go get that GGPO.

This is a plus in every way, I don’t know why you make it to be subpar.

Play more 2df/ggpo. It’ll be good for you in the long run.

Seconded. I can live without SFIV, not without ST.

Things might change soon. Yes!

you poor poor soul. Do you have a pc capable of playing emulators? Get to it chief!