Noah Vs. Tomo Ohira

So I’m just now seeing all this. Apparently Noah is about to play the legendary Tomo Ohira in Super Street Fighter 4 AE.

What the hell? This really came out of left field for me. I’m wondering why this hasn’t been posted on SRK considering how much of a living legend Tomo is. Is this going to be livestreamed or something? And above all… Why Noah? I’m sure we’re all very interested to see how Tomo does in AE, considering there’s no actual footage of Tomo playing.

For those who don’t know who Tomo is, this tribute video does a very good job explaining.

LOL SFAE fuck that.
“hey guys let’s make this shit hype, by having a legend play some kid in a game that he doesn’t touch or probably doesn’t give a shit about”

I am deeply confused.

But after this there will be an awesome Tomo Ohira HF exhibition, right? RIGHT?

[LEFT]What’s the point? What does it prove? How is it even entertaining?[/LEFT]

What one ST match is this?

Dumb as fuck.


Apparently there’s another one, but this is the one I remember.

Why aren’t they playing sf2 turbo?

This is more for the sanduskys

Watch this little boy play with a grown man

Different tomo… there’s a ton of videos of that guy.

And that’s not ST, it’s HSF2 :slight_smile:

Those vids were confirmed to be someone else named tomo.

It should’ve never needed “confirming” in the first place… why would the guy randomly show up for a Japanese tournament over 10 years after he quit playing? And Tomo is a really common Japanese name…


Should be an interesting match-up, considering the games Tomo plays were made before Noah was born, and the games Noah plays were made after Tomo died.

bunch of washed up veterans like tomo

Yeah, I was reluctant to post it because I assumed so, but oh well. Sorry. :<

So I guess this adds on to the intrigue considering there is actually no footage of Tomo (I assume).

Yeah, his time was at a point where recording matches required big ass camcorders that were too expensive for the average person. I read a thread on srk a long time ago that someone does have vhs tape of him but have since lost track of it.!/NoahtheProdigy/status/145621390287044608/photo/1

I love how he tweeted this to both Daigo and the fake Daigo.

Tomo is about to play a fighting game for the first time in 20 years?

Never heard of tomo in my life

Thank goodness the rep system is gone
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